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Rattle Shake Top Upgrade [CLOSED]
Zanza Red Sparx Gems: 27
#1 Posted: 13:37:43 07/10/2015 | Topic Creator

i upgraded top of Rattle Shake with Coiled Ammunition. But i read everywhere that Deputy's Duty is the way to go. Does it really make so much difference? Is it worth reseting him?
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#2 Posted: 13:46:20 07/10/2015
Depends if you have Superchargers and/or a good collection, though the details are spoilers. If you don't, though, just go for what's fun unless you do PVP or need him for Nightmare.

The penultimate Portal Master Rank allows you to change anyone's path, so no point on resetting.
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#3 Posted: 16:32:36 07/10/2015
Not really. I actually prefer Coiled Ammunition because I think it's more fun, but he's about as strong either way. Deputy's Duty makes a much more drastic difference in PVP though- definitely the way to go for that mode.
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#4 Posted: 10:20:54 08/10/2015
Its fun exploring other skill trees and extends the life of your toy . If you dont like Deputy,s duty you can always reset for a third time .
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