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Is this game bugged, or do I just suck? [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 04:29:51 04/10/2015 | Topic Creator
For the most part I've been playing on hard mode because the game doesn't seem that hard, but I've gotten to the junk yard level ("You didn't break anything in my shop did you? I'd better go check", "Oh **** guys, run!"), and am finding that I keep getting damaged by the green goop even if I'm not standing in it. There have even been times where I've successfully gotten myself onto floating platforms, then started taking damage anyway.

I was having a similar issue with the navel-mines (I've seen so many of these in games, and they are NEVER underwater o.0 ) where they'd explode before I touch them. Navel mines explode on contact (By breaking the spikes), by the way, so making them proximity mines is KINDA cheap!!! I actually had to abandon my attempt to complete Blast Zone's second swap challenge because he kept getting blown up by mines.

I had the Wii version so maybe there was just something wrong with that port. I know that the sound is all weird in this version (It sounds like the VA in Gateway to Glimmer on the PS1), I've been playing Samurai Warriors 3 on the same console and the VA sounds fine!
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#2 Posted: 12:30:37 04/10/2015
Oh, I've never played it myself, but most people consider the Wii version very buggy. It's infamous for it.
Thankfully, Beenox's work seems to have improved since (besides an issue with Telescope Towers, didn't hear any complaints about TT on the Wii and SC Racing is quite good, at least on the 3DS).
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#3 Posted: 16:12:39 04/10/2015 | Topic Creator
I have a Wii U, but the Wii U verson of Skylander games seems hard to find. Super Chargers better be available for Wii U when it's released here (It's still not out yet RARG!) or I am going to seriously start a riot!
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