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Favourite icy themed level in Spyro 1-3?
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Fav villain? [CLOSED]
Ndfox Yellow Sparx Gems: 1225
#1 Posted: 02:57:48 26/08/2015 | Topic Creator
I don't have all the trap team members. So, I was wondering what the communities favorite villain is and why...may help guide me to next purchase. ...of the.ones I have, I like grin are the best....I love a clean island.
mxmas in activate, kids ndfox in activate
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#2 Posted: 10:46:14 26/08/2015
Everyone loves Pain Yatta <magic> . Life in the Lost Islands is always about gimme more green gems .

All of us "Masters" are chugging out magic traps so we can summon the little pink monster. Of course you need to wait a little bit to let your trolls and sheep blanket your islands . I personally dont summon him till I have between 15 -20 invaders.

You should have Cappy King or this trick does not work . Hopefully you also have Maggs.
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Ndfox Yellow Sparx Gems: 1225
#3 Posted: 19:01:30 26/08/2015 | Topic Creator
I do have Capy but not Maggs. I thought of saving gems for diggs if he ever shows up again....that may be a pipe dream...pain Yatta has only shown up once for me in like 3months....sounds like must get Maggs! GrinNade, if you have lots of weeds, trees and such has generated 16 gems...

Magic trap and Maggs it is
mxmas in activate, kids ndfox in activate
defpally Emerald Sparx Gems: 4025
#4 Posted: 23:40:50 26/08/2015
Dreamcatcher is the most useful when you need to level Skylanders. I've always arranged to have plenty of air traps for when new Skylanders are added (not much of an issue anymore). These days, Luminous generates a decent supply of gems so he is more used in my kingdom.
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6752
#5 Posted: 23:47:05 26/08/2015
Wolfgang while I'm super behind on spins. Feels good to gather 10k and just get training started for 4 new characters at once - and not too worried about Toy Link bonuses and stuff since I'm doing this mostly to find new things about them on the quests(funny trivia, or even confirmations about their relationship with someone) to record on the Wiki. You never know when this game might shut down and the information gone along with it.
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Darksteelforge Blue Sparx Gems: 692
#6 Posted: 03:38:29 29/09/2015
Luminous. Put all your Skylanders on adventures of 16 Hours en collect the gems.
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Hinaseh Green Sparx Gems: 259
#7 Posted: 21:51:05 29/09/2015
How do you know how many challenges you have completed and how many to go?
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