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Activision admitted an issue [CLOSED]
Bolthar Green Sparx Gems: 417
#1 Posted: 01:00:58 30/07/2015 | Topic Creator
I got ahold of Activision support and they told me the game isn't abandoned but there has been bugs in the monthly turnovers from the main slash screen to the generated quests. No ETA but issue has been raised.
Darksteelforge Blue Sparx Gems: 692
#2 Posted: 05:42:17 30/07/2015
Nice to finally get some news from Activision. No ETA, so I could take a while...
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6752
#3 Posted: 11:55:56 30/07/2015
So probably just downsized staff. Here's hoping as development in SC finishes we can at least get some fixes.
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defpally Emerald Sparx Gems: 4025
#4 Posted: 12:51:59 30/07/2015
Of course the game hasn't been abandoned according to their support. They answered the phone. Now whether they have stopped development, that's the question. I doubt they will ever admit to that, they want people to still buy gems, of course.

Rolling over a monthly quest isn't a bug, that's lack of updates. Monthly quests were never code generated.
Bolthar Green Sparx Gems: 417
#5 Posted: 15:34:16 31/07/2015 | Topic Creator
I think it was just lack of attention. I didn't call I talked over FB chat. If enough of us call in/contact them we can probably get more attention on it.
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