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My game appears to be broken... [CLOSED]
bjornolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1144
#1 Posted: 01:03:47 03/07/2015 | Topic Creator
Every time I start the app, it says the save was created by a newer version of the game and an update is available, but when I go to the app store, it says there's no update. I only play on my ipad. It worked fine just a few hours ago. Anybody know what this is?
arkhamhorrorfan Yellow Sparx Gems: 1581
#2 Posted: 11:59:07 03/07/2015
Check the older threads. I can't remember the exact process, but I remember reading about others experiencing this and the solution involves something like loading the game offline then switching to online and save as quickly as possible so your local save goes to the cloud. But the steps are outlined clearly elsewhere.

Good luck, I hope you're able to get your game working again.
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