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Favourite Upgrade Path: Bushwhack

Axe Avenger Poll 46% (145)
Armor Awesomeness Poll 20% (63)
Don't have him Poll 23% (73)
Never played Trap Team Poll 11% (33)
Favourite Upgrade Path: Bushwhack
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 11247
#1 Posted: 23:50:40 13/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Tread Head's Drag Racer path proves to be the most popular by far. Which of the large tree elf Bushwhack's paths is your favourite?

Is it his top path which improves his attacks with his giant green axe or is it his bottom path that gives him armor, healing and upgrades to his headbash?

[User Posted Image] Axe Avenger
An Axe to Grind Combo Attacks Go Nuts!
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Traptanium Axe attack does extra damage. Press (Square), (Square) HOLD (O) for the Spin and Slash combo. Press (Square), (Square), HOLD (Triangle) for Head First combo. Keep holding (O) after a Spin and Slash combo to shoot nuts in all directions.
Armor Awesomeness
Bush's Shack Primal Warrior Spring Forward
[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]
Hold (Square) to create a leafy hut for protection and healing. Get new armor, taking reduced damage and doing extra damage with the Headbash attack. Hold (Triangle) to dash forward and perform a super Headbash attack.
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#2 Posted: 00:42:02 14/06/2015
Hia very strong offensively so his armour path made sense to me.
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TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#3 Posted: 00:58:18 14/06/2015
Axe Avenger deals with a lot of damage every time he spins around. Also, the new shape of his Traptanium axe is even cooler than its original form.
Echo2VX Gold Sparx Gems: 2918
#4 Posted: 05:22:46 14/06/2015
I loved both paths; however, I personally chose the armor path, (because everyone that knows me, knows that I would rather have a good looking Skylander with upgraded armor, rather than a stronger one...with the exception of Eye-Brawl...)
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spyrothe111 Ripto Gems: 3702
#5 Posted: 12:37:42 14/06/2015
Axe Avenger.
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#6 Posted: 13:18:08 14/06/2015
I picked Axe Avenger but I'm not exactly in love with his gameplay. He's pretty slow, weak and squishy. I'll have to try Armor Awesomeness someday to see if it makes him any better.
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Keros9 Gold Sparx Gems: 2417
#7 Posted: 17:37:53 15/06/2015
I went with Armor Awesomeness because I love the paths that can heal. It's been a lot of fun playing him too.
samuraituretsky Yellow Sparx Gems: 1430
#8 Posted: 23:25:19 16/06/2015
Armor Awesomeness for sure. The heal and extra armor are nice, but the dash is invaluable.
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Sworn2Skylands Yellow Sparx Gems: 1353
#9 Posted: 23:47:08 16/06/2015
I don't get the users who think that the healing is worth choosing the Armor Awesomeness path, especially considering what you'll lose.

An armor increase? You can just use the Firefly hat to boost his armor by +35.

Why does Bushwhack even need armor? He can stun enemies with his acorn grenades or headbash them to knock them down, and he can switch out with Threatpack to take down any enem(ies) that are immune to stun or knock down.

Healing? Two words for you: Broccoli Guy.

Meanwhile, Bushwhack's damage output just soars on Axe Avenger and his Attack 1, Attack 1, HOLD Attack 2 combo does about 1,000 damage in 6 seconds once you purchase the other two upgrades, which is just staggering! The damage output and attack speed of this fighting style are fantastic, which makes Bushwhack a massively efficient, boss-shredding damage demon!
samuraituretsky Yellow Sparx Gems: 1430
#10 Posted: 18:15:46 18/06/2015
The armor and healing are just little bonuses to having the dash move. I can't imagine playing him without the dash. Mobility trumps DPS imo.
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2850
#11 Posted: 19:16:47 30/08/2015
smilie Taffyta
Axe Avenger
BigBrain Red Sparx Gems: 25
#12 Posted: 03:26:47 06/02/2020
I swear, I hate myself for not choosing the versatile path, but it's just I really love Bushwhack and I just want the best for him. So, Axe Avenger is the way to go for me. It gives more option and utility to his kinda bad axe. Plus, one of the combo moves is good for mobility in itself, so no need for the headbutt upgrade. I kinda regret giving up and resetting the healing shack and armor, but it was worth it.
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