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SWAP Force leader [CLOSED]
Skylander3112 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1988
#1 Posted: 07:55:40 11/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Spyro is the leader of the Cores, Tree Rex is leader of Giants, Snap Shot is the leader of the TM and Spitfire is the leader of the SC.
Who is the leader for the SWAP Force, anyone know?
Alphawolf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1692
#2 Posted: 08:38:05 11/06/2015
im guessing blast zone or wash buckler.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3025
#3 Posted: 09:13:18 11/06/2015
Well Free Rangers lil image of him pointing in the distance kinda makes me think he would be leader assuming leaders are Starter pack Characters he was in 3DS .

Personally i dont think there are any leaders other that the "Mysterious Portal Masters"
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Skylander3112 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1988
#4 Posted: 11:17:29 11/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Alphawolf and Dark fhoenix are both right, Wash Buckler should be leader since they are the ones who are announced first everytime for a new game. But during the cutscence of SWAP Force, Free Ranger was leading the charge of the battle.

Assuming that they want to make a leader from every element:
Magic - Spyro
Tech -
Earth -
Air - Free Ranger?
Fire - Spitfire
Water - Snap Shot / Wash Buckler?
Life - Tree Rex
Undead -
Light -
Dark -
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6650
#5 Posted: 11:57:49 11/06/2015
Cores is Spyro, Giants is Tree Rex, Swappers is Wash Buckler, Trap Masters is Snap Shot, Superchargers is Spitfire.
It's not by who is revealed first,it's who is on promotional material. SSA featured Spyro as the main character in The Beginning Trailer and the reveal story trailer,Tree Rex's face is in all Giants promotional material, Wash Buckler in the E3 stand video wouldn't get out of the screen, Snap Shot is also on reveal and promotional material,and Spitfire is the only one showing up in the majority of the Buckle Up trailer.
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zookinator Emerald Sparx Gems: 4549
#6 Posted: 12:40:15 11/06/2015
I personally believe that Blast Zone an Wash Buckler share their leadership, as they can work to be ideal Swaps, and they both come in the starter. But, if Wash Buckler is the only leader, then I'm fine with that.
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Plordigian Blue Sparx Gems: 626
#7 Posted: 04:46:53 13/06/2015
Wash Buckler is one of the mascots of Swap Force. Free Ranger gave the signal to attack in the intro. Mascot and leader are totally different roles.
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4268
#8 Posted: 22:21:45 04/08/2015
I think Free Ranger would make a really good leader, but Wash Buckler as a captain sounds good too.
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Gentleman Brawl Yellow Sparx Gems: 1050
#9 Posted: 04:08:13 26/09/2015
I always felt Blast Zone should lead, Wash Buckler doesn't seem like the leading type.
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Badwolfmichael Gold Sparx Gems: 2246
#10 Posted: 04:09:45 26/09/2015
Wash Buckler.
KeybasHedKey Ripto Gems: 1862
#11 Posted: 04:45:38 26/09/2015
Isn't Wash Buckler the Leader?
CommanderGame Emerald Sparx Gems: 3279
#12 Posted: 16:34:47 27/09/2015
Wash Zone
HeyitsHotDog Platinum Sparx Gems: 5090
#13 Posted: 16:49:40 27/09/2015
It's Wash Buckler mainly because he's amazing.
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