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Skylanders: SuperChargers Listings
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 11090
#1 Posted: 07:00:05 30/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Forum member skylandersspyro has spotted several barebones listings on for a game called Skylanders: SuperChargers that looks to confirm the recent rumours for the next Skylanders game.

The listings mention the contents of the Starter Pack as being 2 Skylanders SuperChargers figures - a new Skylander named Spitfire and a reposed Super Shot Stealth Elf, and one Skylanders Vehicle called "Hot Steak" "Hot Streak". It also mentions a new portal of power... how many is that now?

A brief plot summary is detailed:

Skylands is in peril! Kaos has unleashed his most evil weapon yet - the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction. With all of Skylands on the verge of collapse, a special team called the SuperChargers has been assembled to pilot an unstoppable fleet of incredible vehicles. Now you and the SuperChargers must embark on epic adventures over land, under sea, and through the sky to stop Kaos and save Skylands!

There are listings for PS3, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, and even a version for the Wii (albeit with a note saying that the "gameplay content, features, and functionality will differ") but no potential release date is given.

It shouldn't be too much longer before we find out whether this is accurate and we get our first proper look at the game, rumours place an official reveal happening on Wednesday, the 3rd of June.
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Aura24 Platinum Sparx Gems: 6561
#2 Posted: 07:29:34 30/05/2015
Wish June 3rd would come asap. All this leak did was make me even more hyped to see what kind of game we're going to be shown smilie
"Soon all of Skylands will tremble at the awesome might of Malefor, the Undead Dragon King!"
ninja9351 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4509
#3 Posted: 07:48:18 30/05/2015
Horay for leaks!
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BlackWing116 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1480
#4 Posted: 09:43:15 30/05/2015
Another series 4...? And it's a Stealth Elf... That Skylander made it 3 Times into a Starter pack. c'mon guys...

The name Spitfire seems nice, and the Hot Steak seems to go along with Spitfire. On names base. I'm just throwing ideas here
FrozenLionheart Blue Sparx Gems: 779
#5 Posted: 10:35:29 30/05/2015
As much as i love stealth a little dissapointed its in the starter pack again doesnt this technically mean another 2 stealth theres bound to be a dark edition again urgh...hopefully this time the EU gets the dark edition on the xbox one last year really ticked me off though it got me both pre-order traps and gearshift...
TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#6 Posted: 13:34:00 30/05/2015
Kaos uses the word "doom" so many times it has completely lost meaning.
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HIR Diamond Sparx Gems: 8698
#7 Posted: 14:04:55 30/05/2015
^Well that's because Invader Zim did that, and Kaos is the reincarnation of Zim. ;>.>
Congrats! You wasted five seconds reading this.
Dark Bro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3420
#8 Posted: 17:50:53 30/05/2015
Another Stealth Elf? Isn't this like the 5th one they've made?
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Masterospyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1122
#9 Posted: 19:20:47 30/05/2015
actually it would make it the 8th Stealth Elf
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Doomslicer Yellow Sparx Gems: 1993
#10 Posted: 22:11:52 30/05/2015
Darn, I think we were all hoping for Malefor to show up as the main villain. Maybe later in the game...
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Squid7201 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1139
#11 Posted: 02:30:52 31/05/2015
Man, sounds like this game is going to be just as cheesy and gimmicky as the last ones. Sadness. BUt one can always hope.
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WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#12 Posted: 16:16:09 31/05/2015
Whelp, this is exciting. I too was hoping for Malefor, but maybe he might get in somehow.
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JamesFakeman Platinum Sparx Gems: 5146
#13 Posted: 22:27:45 31/05/2015
I guess this will only come out in 2016! I mean there is no way Activision can finish this game in this short time! I'm excited for the next Skylanders anyways!
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6714
#14 Posted: 22:44:06 31/05/2015
Quote: JamesFakeman
I guess this will only come out in 2016! I mean there is no way Activision can finish this game in this short time! I'm excited for the next Skylanders anyways!

What are you even talking about. Both development teams working on Skylanders have two years to finish a game,for Activision it's been working so far, it's a yearly release.
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GillGrunt4Ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1671
#15 Posted: 01:45:08 01/06/2015
I am disappointed about yet another Stealth Elf as well. Hopefully she will look pretty cool and have a good Wow-Pow power.
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jyes123 Green Sparx Gems: 149
#16 Posted: 05:08:14 01/06/2015
I hope Sun burn comes back this game.
Street50 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1864
#17 Posted: 18:18:15 01/06/2015
you know Stealth Elf is actually probably within my 5 favorite characters. I love her but.... we don't need another series version of her. I think series 3 is max for a skylander. Though Her, Chill and a few others I'd always buy the "new series" version.

Anyhow I'm going to get the next skylanders game of course but I'm not all that interested in Vehicles in these games.
Honestly both Disney infinity and legos will/have Vehicles and I am sure they will both do them better.
Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 6714
#18 Posted: 19:12:20 01/06/2015
Wait for wednesday. It's vehicles,not confirmed to be cars or if it'll be just cars.
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parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 7134
#19 Posted: 19:35:20 01/06/2015
Call of Skylanders.

Just Sayin'. >.>'
looks like ive got some things to hd
shadowspyrogirl Blue Sparx Gems: 659
#20 Posted: 20:44:19 01/06/2015
form that i see there's nothing saying it's coming the Xbox one or 360, i wonder why
TheShadowDragon Ripto Gems: 2886
#21 Posted: 23:39:36 01/06/2015
As soon as this new game arrives, maybe we'll learn if the Kaos we've captured with the black Trap was either the real one who managed to escape or simply a clone sent to trick us all.
Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2672
#22 Posted: 06:08:32 02/06/2015
I guess we will know it all tomorrow
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WilltheWizard Yellow Sparx Gems: 1779
#23 Posted: 16:48:26 02/06/2015
Quote: Cynderfan507
... Ugh. Car gimmick. This'd be just as overwhelming to me as Trap Team due to lack of money.
Thankfully, I'll be skipping out on this one. I told myself I'd only get the next game if it had a gimmick that wowed me, and if it was cars, I'm out. And it's cars. So I'm out.
Farewell, Skylands. It was fun while it lasted.

Yeah, just wait to see. You never know.
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Spyro Lover122 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1892
#24 Posted: 22:59:44 02/06/2015
Yeah, I really wanted Malefor to be the main villain...
But Kaos is just there every time. Oh well, it's okay. :3
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Mangle100 Red Sparx Gems: 37
#25 Posted: 13:31:17 09/06/2015
How did KAOS escape the trap
Dark Snap Shot Gold Sparx Gems: 2337
#26 Posted: 07:52:34 11/06/2015

Also hot steak included in starter pack, well at least i won't be hungry on release date smilie

Dam errors
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SkylandrPurists Gold Sparx Gems: 2796
#27 Posted: 20:58:04 19/10/2015
First thing II predicted this will be racing...Flynn in the Midas commercials.
Seriously, he even says, Boom!
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