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who is your fav evil character [CLOSED]
Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#51 Posted: 01:54:38 10/04/2009
Now that I have seen Malefor, I also like him (er... not in that kind off way!)

So I like Dark Cynder, Elemental dragon and Malefor.

My fave original evil charactor would have to be Gulp and Crush.
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JAK Emerald Sparx Gems: 3034
#52 Posted: 03:05:41 10/04/2009
Elemental Dragon. But I wish it had a survival mode, say uhh, how long you last battleing, after the first time, It was kinda a pushover.
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Cloudtail4ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1818
#53 Posted: 05:04:55 10/04/2009
Favorite as for attitudes or fighting?
Battle: I liked Skabb, he actually put up a fight the first time you played.
Attitude: None of them, all the tLoS enemies are the same in that aspect >.<
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Dark Gaia999 Ripto Gems: 199
#54 Posted: 23:24:22 10/04/2009
FearCynder Blue Sparx Gems: 538
#55 Posted: 02:48:49 11/04/2009
Malefor and evil Cynder. They both are awsome.
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Dark _Empress Red Sparx Gems: 54
#56 Posted: 11:31:08 12/04/2009
Hmmmm...Gaul and Malefor....SKABB I like him cos he's stupid!
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Duskwolf Red Sparx Gems: 29
#57 Posted: 02:16:26 19/04/2009
Cynder is so cute!(I call everything cute)
Duskwolf Red Sparx Gems: 29
#58 Posted: 02:29:16 19/04/2009
Who's Malefor?
Duskwolf Red Sparx Gems: 29
#59 Posted: 02:30:46 19/04/2009
My favorites are still Cynder and Elemental Dragon.
Razz Platinum Sparx Gems: 5920
#60 Posted: 06:16:08 19/04/2009
Gaul. No contest. He was the most menacing enemy and he's the hardest boss in the trilogy. Also, he's got a nice booty and a smexy evil laugh. smilie

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hero orc max Blue Sparx Gems: 619
#61 Posted: 18:57:55 18/05/2009
hero orcs and smilie
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