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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#751 Posted: 19:23:04 06/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 95: Battle Lines
Chapter 1 Battle Of The Cloudbreak Islands

smilie Get down!
(The Skylanders duck behind a barrier)
smilie What's happening?
smilie The Greeble army is coming
smilie Greebles? They're easy to take down
smilie Not quite, they have giant Greebles and there's hundreds of them
smilie So the Greebles have a king and an army? That's just great
smilie We need to alert the others Skylanders as fast as we can... We'll need a group of us to defeat the Greebles
(Doom Stone and Punk Shock get up to with until they see Greebles coming from behind them)
smilie They've cornered us
Greeble: Lay down your weapons!
smilie Do as he says
(Doom Stone and Punk Shock put down their weapons, then the Greeble King confronts them)
Greeble King: So, this is all they send to fight the mighty Greeble kingdom? HAHAHA!
smilie No, there...
(Doom Stone taps Punk Shock and makes her stop speaking)
smilie Yes, we should have brought more Skylanders with us, we underestimated your army...
Greeble King: Hah, fools! Greebles, take them to their prison cells
(Doom Stone are taken away in chains by Greebles)
smilie (She whispers) Good plan, lying to them about how many Skylanders there were
smilie Now all we need to do is wait for the others to find out what has happened here
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#752 Posted: 17:03:46 08/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Rescue Mission

(At the Skylanders HQ)
smilie Trigger Happy, I have received word from Flip Wreck and Fling Kong that Punk Shock and Doom Stone have been captured by the Greebles and the Greebles took our base
smilie Where are Flip Wreck and Fling Kong?
smilie They left the base as they saw the Greebles entering
smilie We must send some Skylanders to aid them
smilie Not gonna happen, there are hundreds of Greebles surrounding the Cloudbreak Islands
smilie We should have sent more Skylanders on the mission
smilie There's not much we can do to help, let's hope they have a plan
(Back at the Cloudbreak Islands)
smilie Fling Kong, what did Wrecking Ball say?
smilie He said there's nothing they can do as the Island is surrounded by hundreds of them?
smilie Why don't they take a ship and shoot them all?
smilie There's far too much civilians on the island and they'll be put at risk
smilie We can't beat them by ourselves
smilie We won't, we'll save Doom Stone and Punk Shock
smilie That won't enable victory for us
smilie I have a plan that I will explain as soon as we rescue them
smilie We could fail and be captured ourselves
smilie We can only hope that won't happen, can't we?
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#753 Posted: 20:31:42 10/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Prison Break In

(In the Greeble's base)
Greeble: Get in your cell Skylanders!
(The Greebles push them in the cell)
smilie Can I have some water?
Greeble: No, be quiet prisoner
smilie (He whispers) Water, Punk Shock?
smilie (She whispers) So I could electrocute them, I'd spill the water outside and then I'd send an electric current through with my tail
smilie (He whispers) Looks like we have to just wait here for help, look for a vent
smilie (She whispers) A vent?
smilie (He whispers) Yes, there's normally vents in prison cells
(They both look around)
smilie (He whispers) Looks like they have finally learnt from their mistakes
(Outside on the battlefield)
smilie Chances are they'll have someone on lookout so we'll need to sneak through here fast
smilie We can climb these walls
(Flip Wreck points to walls on the side of the battlefield)
smilie You can climb but I am going to fly in style
(Fling Kong flies while Flip Wreck climbs the walls towards their base)
smilie Where do we enter?
smilie It's a pretty large base, I suggest we make a hole on the roof and hope no one is below that hole to find us
smilie It will take a while to find the prison area
smilie Right you are, but it's our duty
(They make in to the enemy base without being spotted by jumping on the roof)
smilie Stand back, I'm going to throw my disc at it to break a hole though...
(Flip Wreck hits the roof and a hole is made which Fling Kong falls through but lands safely)
smilie Flip Wreck! I was going to make the hole
(Flip Wreck jumps down the hole)
smilie You were way too slow at doing it so I thought I'd do it
smilie No one's here, great!
smilie Looks like we're in the medical bay
(Fling Kong points to a door)
smilie And that door says prison on it so lets go
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#754 Posted: 20:41:48 12/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Ending The Battle

(Fling Kong and Flip Wreck burst through the door)
Greeble: Hey, more Skylanders!
(Fling Kong and Flip Wreck then quickly defeat all viewable Greeble with their weapons)
smilie That was just too easy
(They open the prison cell door for Doom Stone and Punk Shock)
smilie Okay, we couldn't get any help but I have a plan to defeat the Greebles
smilie And what is the plan Fling Kong?
smilie Capture their king
smilie And that's your plan?
smilie Chances are they'll do as he says, if we an capture him and make him stand down his forces we'll win
smilie And if he doesn't tell them to stand down?
smilie We punish him
(In The Greeble King's Throne Room)
Greeble: Sir, the Skylanders have broken out of their cells but we are unsure how
Greeble King: Send some Greebles to recapture them then, you idiot!
Greeble: Yes sir... Aaaaha!
(The Skylanders burst through into The Greeble King's Throne Room as the Greeble runs away)
Greeble King: Go big Greebles!
(To large Greebles then head towards the Skylanders)
smilie Me and Fling Kong will take care of one while you guys take care of the other
(Both teams split up and attack as the Greeble King pics up a communicator)
Greeble King: Quick my minions, the Skylanders are here and you need defeat them!
smilie Not happening!
(Doom Stone gets to the Greeble King and takes back his and Punk Shock's weapons as the other Greebles burst into the room)
Greeble King: Quick, kill them!
smilie I wouldn't tell them to do that if you want to live
Greeble King: Stand down, stand down Greebles!
smilie Tell the Greebles to leave this island and maybe we won't put you in jail
Greeble King: Um... Uh...
(The Greeble King makes a run as Fling Kong flies into him and knocks him to the ground)
Greeble: What are our orders?
smilie The Greeble King wanted me to tell you that he hates you all and his last command if for you to beat the hell out if him
Greeble: Really?
smilie I heard that too
Greeble: Greebles, charge!
smilie Stupid, Greebles...
(The Skylanders leave)
smilie Fling Kong, report to the HQ to send Skylanders to capture the Greebles and pick us up
smilie Will do!
smilie Looks like we owned this mission
smilie And we finally can go home
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#755 Posted: 00:55:17 13/05/2015
5 more until the party. Trust me, i'll throw a party if i have to!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#756 Posted: 15:38:26 13/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: ZapNorris
5 more until the party. Trust me, i'll throw a party if i have to!

That's it, I'm gonna finish off Story 95 and I'll try have 98 by the end of this month. New story on the 15th!
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#757 Posted: 05:48:16 15/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 96: The Magic Source
Chapter 1 Questioning

smilie Blackout, what did you do with the Magic Source?
smilie I will never tell the Skylanders what I have done
smilie Why?
smilie I have not done the world evil, I'm saving it from the corrupt Skylanders
smilie I don't know where you heard that crap from but the Skylanders are in no way corrupt, we want to bring justice and peace
smilie What you say is a lie...
smilie And who made you think that Blackout?
smilie My master, he has shown me the truth of Skylands and what will happen to the Skylanders
smilie Tell us
smilie My master forbids me to...
smilie TELL US NOW!
smilie The magic source was given to my master to enable his ability to see the future and future made me realise that the Skylanders are too dangerous to be kept here in Skylands!
smilie Blackout, tell me the future
smilie The Skylanders will...
(Blackout then begins choking before he can say what will happen)
smilie What's going on?
smilie It appears he is choking
smilie From what?
smilie It is not from anything inside this room, this room is isolated
smilie Maybe, it's his master stopping him
(Wrecking Ball runs outside)
smilie Come out, coward!
(Silence rears in)
smilie Looks like he has escaped
smilie What do I do with Blackout?
smilie Take him to have a rest, I need a team
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#758 Posted: 19:24:33 18/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Tracking The Master

smilie Okay, I need a team to help me find Blackout's master
smilie Of course I am right for this job
smilie No questions are needed I just need Skylanders
smilie It's my time time shine!
smilie Okay, no need for introductions
smilie Bat Spin makes her way in!
smilie Okay, hi Bat Spin now let's go!
smilie What're we looking for?
smilie I just said, Blackout's master
smilie He has a master?
smilie There's little time to explain, we just need to find him and take the Magic Source back
smilie Then do we cut the magic source?
smilie No, we use it to bring Spyro back to life
smilie Cheating death is cheating life
smilie I don't care Bat Spin, let's just go
(They leave the HQ)
smilie How do we find this master?
smilie I am very uncertain but I'm sure he has been around here recently
smilie I can track him with my mad skills
smilie Go ahead then
(Funny Bone sniffs around for a scent then immediately runs off)
smilie Funny Bone, wait!
smilie Looks like he has found something
smilie Let's cut it!
(The Skylanders chase after Funny Bone)
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#759 Posted: 19:25:40 18/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Deeper Secrets

smilie Funny Bone, wait up!
smilie I smell a scent that smells familiar
smilie What's a smell like?
smilie Strangely enough it smells like Spyro!
smilie But how?
smilie Maybe he is alive...
smilie That's not possible, Kaos killed him and I made that monster pay...
smilie I know that but stranger things have happened around here
smilie I am very doubtful upon this
smilie So, where is this master?
smilie Also, Spyro would never turn on the Skylanders, ever!
smilie I'm only making theories here
smilie I smell the scent on this paper
(Wrecking Ball picks up the paper as Short Cut tries to cut it)
smilie Dammit Short Cut, go away
smilie I love cutting!
smilie Cut yourself!
smilie Only on Thursdays...
smilie It says: I am the one who showed Blackout the absolute truth about the Skylanders, they are the scum of the universe and deserve to be put down and punished! Once I obtained the magic source I saw what you will do and become and I wish to stop this for the good of mankind...
smilie What do those numbers mean and why does the paper smell like Spyro?
smilie I have no idea...
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funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2164
#760 Posted: 07:40:58 20/05/2015
i made you a cool logo for your amazing stories smilie
[User Posted Image]
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
Evolve Your Skylanders Adventure here!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#761 Posted: 20:26:04 22/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: funnybone
i made you a cool logo for your amazing stories smilie
[User Posted Image]

Thank you, yellow is my jam. Anyways, story 97 will be on its way soon!
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#762 Posted: 18:29:21 26/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 97: Undercover Mission
Chapter 1 Faking Death?

(In the City)
smilie Trigger Happy I don't see any assassin any where...
smilie You guys just have to keep looking before she makes her strike!
smilie Assassin's are scum
smilie I agree 100% with you there Wrecking Ball
smilie How about we go to the diner and get some food?
smilie I'm gonna get a hot dog!
(Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog run to the diner)
smilie This better go to plan...
(Stealth Elf walks towards the diner as she is shot by the assassin, Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog burst out of the diner as Hot Dog attends to Stealth elf and Wrecking Ball runs after the assassin)
smilie Stealth Elf? NO!
(The assassin jumps on her ship as Wrecking Ball looks on, after this Wrecking Ball returns to Stealth Elf)
smilie How is she?
smilie She's...
smilie Stealth Elf? Stealth Elf? STEALTH ELF!
(Later at her funeral)
smilie I'm worried about Wrecking Ball
smilie I know what you mean, he has lost Spyro and now Stealth Elf...
(Wrecking Ball looks up as if he is seeking vengeance)
(After the funeral)
smilie So, how was my death?
smilie You did a very good job Stealth Elf but we must foil this plot quickly as Wrecking Ball might get to the assassin first
smilie Right, I knew he wouldn't approve of this so we must be quick
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#763 Posted: 21:29:19 27/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Disguised

(In the City)
smilie We need to find the assassin quickly before Wrecking Ball tries anything
smilie Stealth Elf you need to stay low as someone could see through your disguise
smilie Right...
(The Skylanders enter a bar and hear about the assassin bragging about killing a Skylander)
smilie Stealth Elf talk to her as she'll know we are Skylanders
smilie How about we have a little talk in another room about another bounty?
Assassin: Interesting, I shall listen to your offer
(The two walk into the other room as Gill Grunt follows)
Assassin: What's the bounty you want me to get?
smilie There's no bounty...
(Stealth Elf takes off her disguise and reveals who she is)
Assassin: What the? I thought I killed you
smilie Show does everyone else... Mostly everyone else
smilie Hello there assassin
Assassin: What is this about, huh?
smilie Oh, we just faked my death in order to assure we save a precious being
Assassin: What do you want from me?
smilie Your clothes?
Assassin: What the?
smilie Speak into this
(Gill Grunt holds a ball near the assassin's face)
Assassin: Did you hire me to do this?
smilie Sure...
(Stealth Elf punches the assassin and takes her clothes)
smilie You are gonna have to swallow this?
smilie It's a spider voice bot isn't it?
smilie Yep
(Stealth Elf swallows the ball which spreads its legs to crawl down her throat)
smilie Great, I sound awful but I'm ready
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#764 Posted: 17:37:59 28/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 On The Case

(At the Skylands HQ)
smilie I don't believe Stealth Elf is gone, there's no way I have lost her too
smilie You must accept that this happens like you did with Spyro
smilie I'll make her pay...
smilie That's no the way to get Stealth Elf back
smilie Then at least I can enjoy making her pay
(Wrecking Ball runs off)
smilie Wrecking Ball wait, we'll both make her pay
(Both of them then take Flynn's ship to head off to the city)
(At Seadogs Island)
smilie Stealth Elf, these pirates are mercilessness... They'll even kill each other to get what they want
smilie Right but that's not a problem for me
smilie Since they have hired you for this job you can sabotage them and stop the assassination
smilie Okay so when they raid the city they want me to shot the mayor but I won't and I'll instead help him?
smilie Basically, yes
smilie I'm ready for this
(Meanwhile back at the City)
smilie Do you know what you have DONE?
Assassin: I don't wanna wake up
smilie You're drunk aren't you?
(Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps her across the face which smashes her towards a wall)
smilie Answer me!
smilie Just arrest her and then we can go...
smilie She deserves much more than that
Assassin: Stealth Elf is alive, she is dressed as me and sounds like me
smilie What are you doing about?
Assassin: She faked her death for a mission
smilie Where?
Assassin: Seadog Island, please leave me alone
smilie Take her to jail Hot Dog, I'll find Stealth Elf
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#765 Posted: 23:10:27 28/05/2015
i'm waiting for the june 3rd sky 5 100th story extravaganza
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#766 Posted: 04:43:16 29/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: ZapNorris
i'm waiting for the june 3rd sky 5 100th story extravaganza

We will only have 98 by June. I doubt I came make two stories in three days. Also, June 3rd was my join date on darkSpyo. What a three year anniversary present.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#767 Posted: 20:39:14 29/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Plot Foiled

(At Seadog island)
Seadog Pirate: Get ready assassin, for the kill
smilie Yes... Captain
Seadog Mayor: It is with great pride that I announce to you all...
(The Seadog pirates then begin to attack people around the mayor)
Seadog Mayor: Shoot!
(Stealth Elf turns around and takes down the pirate)
smilie Stealth Elf what's going on?
smilie Wrecking Ball, how did you know?
smilie Why would you do this to me after everything that has happened?
smilie We couldn't tell you about this plan, it wouldn't be believable and you wouldn't approve of it
smilie You don't know that, you could have told me and then I wouldn't have to be here right now
smilie Stealth Elf, the mayor has been killed
smilie What?
smilie The pirates have killed him, what happened?
smilie NO!
smilie Oh no, this is my fault...
smilie We have failed this mission, retreat back to the the ship
smilie No... No... No...
(Stealth Elf and Wrecking Ball go with Gill Grunt to the ship)
(Later a the Skylanders HQ Hall)
smilie I fear that dark times are upon us, crime is at an all time high and we have failed a mission to save the mayor of Seadog Island
smilie But that doesn't mean we can't save others from death and terror
smilie This is all my fault
smilie Technically it's their fault but...
smilie Save it, Hot Dog
smilie I can't believe this backfired, we should have just trusted him
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#768 Posted: 18:14:19 30/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 98 Noobs?
Chapter 1 MLG No Scoper

smilie Why is this so hard to play?
smilie Probably because you are in that vehicle all of the time
smilie That's why I can't MLG Pro these noobs
smilie MLG Pro?
smilie You may not get it but it's basically eating doritos, drinking mountain dew and no scoping
smilie Yeah I don't get it, what are you playing?
smilie The best FPS ever: LEFT 4 DEAD 2!
smilie Okay then
smilie It may be seen as not MLG because you it isn't COD fish but I can pro against the enemy team in versus
smilie Okay, I should really go
smilie What do you need to go for?
smilie To be completely honest I don't really care
smilie Just because you aren't pro and you'd suck at it
smilie Probably, I always suck... At games of course
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#769 Posted: 19:23:31 31/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Kicked?

smilie There's no way in heck this Hunter will get me, OH CRAP HELPS!
(A vote pops up saying kick player: ThreadHeadIsAmazing69)
smilie What the hell no! I just got caught that's all!
(Tread Head watches as he is kicked from the server)
smilie This game is meant to be about team work, I just got kicked because a Hunter got me in which someone should rescue me?
smilie Yeah, the versus community sucks on that game, try playing some other mods or playing realism versus as they are much better and your risk of being kicked for stupid reasons lowers
smilie Not a bad idea Gearshift, after all I am an Expert pro!
smilie On your stats it says things about Easy and winning 2 versus games and losing 69
smilie Those stats are broken, okay Gearshift?
smilie Then go ahead and try Expert
smilie I will!
(Tread Head joins on Expert game on Swamp Fever)
smilie The heck is this map?
smilie Are you a noob? This is Swamp Fever which is probably the least played on the game
smilie A Hunter, NOOO!
(A few seconds later Tread Head's character is dead)
smilie What the?
smilie I think you should play Easy some more
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#770 Posted: 19:59:59 31/05/2015 | Topic Creator
Stop 99 coming in June! Story 100 though? Secrets...
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#771 Posted: 18:22:43 14/06/2015
I'm waiting for the 100th story extravaganza.
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#772 Posted: 18:28:01 14/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Quote: ZapNorris
I'm waiting for the 100th story extravaganza.

Might wanna wait a while...
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#773 Posted: 07:01:31 21/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 99 Despair In Skylands
Chapter 1 Strange Passings

(Outside of the Skylanders HQ)
smilie Are you okay Wrecking Ball?
smilie I suppose but times are hard right now, I wish things could back to what they were like before all of this
smilie I do too but changes happen and we cannot all ways stop these changes whether we like it or not
smilie But sometimes we can stop changes and that's what I plan to do
(Wrecking Ball leaves Stealth Elf)
smilie Come for more questions I see
smilie Just tell me your master Blackout, remember they did try to kill you before
smilie I will not tell you anything of my master or the future of the Skylanders
smilie Blackout, I'm sure you joined the Skylanders because you wished to help people
smilie And that is exactly what I'm doing now, the Skylanders are corrupt from inside but you just don't see it
smilie Blackout you can tell me
smilie I know that you are not the cause but I will not tell you
smilie What does mean?
smilie I will not tell you what it is but it is possible to decode
smilie I just don't know what these number mean, they seem to be random numbers
smilie They're not, maybe you'll figure it out and save Skylands from the Skylanders
smilie I assure you, I will figure it out and I will defeat your master
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#774 Posted: 15:54:52 22/06/2015 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 The Ascension Of Truth

smilie Hello Scratch is there anything I can do for you?
smilie I need some equipment to make my dragon sculpture
smilie Your dragon sculpture? What kind of dragon?
(Wrecking Ball walks in)
smilie Sorry to interrupt but I need help to solve a code
smilie Maybe you could ask someone else
smilie But I am all ready here
smilie I was going to build a sculpture but I think that can wait
smilie I guess we can help then
smilie Okay, I am trying to find out who Blackout's master is but he refuses to tell and all I have is this a code which is
smilie I'm not sure what that code could be
smilie Maybe you should ask a technical person like Spy Rise, he'll be able to figure it out!
smilie Okay, thanks
(Wrecking Ball leaves)
smilie I could buy my stuff, bye Sunburn!
smilie Bye... Scratch
(Scratch leaves)
smilie Spy Rise do you understand the code
smilie I could be able to figure it out but what's the subject matter?
smilie Well, it's Blackout's master who stopped me from bringing Spyro back to life using a magic course
smilie Hmm, Spyro... SPYRO?
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#775 Posted: 08:46:40 04/07/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 100 begins soon!
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#776 Posted: 06:13:29 18/07/2015 | Topic Creator
Story 100 Skylands' Future
Chapter 1 Master Revealed

smilie What, Spyro's his master?
smilie Not our Spyro, the original Spyro
smilie How do these numbers tell you that?
smilie Those numbers are the date Spyro The Dragon was released for PlayStation!
smilie Maybe it's something else, why would Spyro do such a thing? He's a hero not evil!
smilie You're asking me like I know about all of this but I don't, it's up to us to figure this out
smilie I'll go to Blackout and tell him it's Spyro
(Wrecking Ball runs out of the room to go to Blackout to find he is no longer captive)
smilie Blackout, where'd he go?
smilie He escaped from the prison cell!
smilie Boomer, since you here you need to come with me and find him
smilie Okay...
smilie We will need to be quick if we can find him
smilie We can take our ship
(Wrecking Ball and Boomer run to the Skylanders' ship)
smilie You fly Boomer in case I need to get off quick
smilie Yes, Wrecking Ball
(Boomer begins flying the ship and speeds up)
smilie Slow down Boomer!
smilie For my master...
smilie Boomer?
(Boomer aims the ship to crash into the city)
(Boomer crashes the ship into the city as Wrecking Ball jumps off onto the city ground)
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Chapter 2 Greater Plot

(Wrecking Ball gets up from the wreckage almost unharmed)
smilie Spyro has corrupted Boomer as well? There's no way Boomer would join him so he must be under some influence... BOOMER!
(Wrecking Ball runs to Boomer is lying on the floor bleeding)
smilie Boomer, I will help you okay? Just stay calm
smilie It's too late for me, stop Spyro!
smilie I am not leaving you, now come on!
(Wrecking Ball puts Boomer on his back)
smilie I just need to take him to the hospital and fast
[User Posted Image] Hey look, the Skylanders are the ones that crashed their ship into our city!
smilie No, listen we didn't mean to do this!
[User Posted Image] Several people reported seeing your green friend stirring the ship towards our city, what have you got to say about that?
smilie He was under an influence from...
[User Posted Image] So, he was on drugs?
smilie No, let me finish the senten....
[User Posted Image] So, the Skylanders take drugs and destroy cites? I say we kill them both now!
smilie KILL?
[User Posted Image] People could have been killed by this and we must take action on you Skylanders!
smilie Look, I just need to take my friend to the hospital okay?
[User Posted Image] The hospital won't be able to save you after what we do
(Wrecking Ball puts Boomer down and the Mabu charge at him)
(At the Skylanders HQ)
smilie I need some back up here!
smilie I'm right here!
(Stealth Elf and Flameslinger begin shooting several Skylanders)
smilie It seems something is definitely wrong with all of these guys
smilie Yep, appears so...
(Stealth Elf receives a message from Trigger Happy on her communicater)
smilie Yes, Trigger Happy?
smilie You need to stop fighting here and go to the city to save Wrecking Ball and Boomer from the Mabu
smilie Why are some of the other Skylanders attacking us?
smilie They are under Spyro's influence
smilie SPYRO?
smilie And by that I mean the original Spyro
smilie I would ask more questions but that's for later
(She puts the comminicater away)
smilie Flameslinger, this way!
(The both run towards the docking bay)
smilie So, we need to get to the city and save Wrtecking Ball but then what?
smilie I am not sure but I think it will involve stopping this creep
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smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
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*blows party horn*
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Chapter 3 HQ Overrun

[User Posted Image] You cannot defeat us all
smilie Maybe so but I am not going to be defeated without a fight!
(All the Mabu look upwards as Stealth Elf and Flameslinger arrive in a ship)
smilie I'll jump down and help them!
(Stealth Elf jumps off the ship to fight the Mabu)
smilie Thanks for helping me fight but there's too many
smilie Then we should escape, Flameslinger bring the ship down so we can get on
smilie Okay!
(Flameslinger lowers the ship and the Skylanders jump on)
smilie Looks like Mabu have lost faith in the Skylanders... This could be what Blackout was talking about, we are still good but the people have been corrupted into thinking differently
smilie Whatever the cause may be we need to get back to HQ before more Skylanders end up under Spyro's control
smilie We need to medical supplies for Boomer
smilie I'll see if there's any on the ship
(Stealth Elf starts looking)
smilie What happened?
smilie Boomer crashed Flynn's ship as he was under Spyro's control and he is bleeding out
smilie He'll be lucky if he survives this
smilie He's that badly hurt?
smilie Yeah, if we don't find anything to help he could die
smilie I'm back and I have the stuff
smilie Okay, we'll get this stuff done
(The Skylanders help Boomer and make it back to HQ which is being destroyed)
smilie Looks like Spyro has made his mark
(Stealth Elf gets a message from Gill Grunt)
smilie I can't say things are looking to good, I think just about every Skylander but me and Trigger Happy are under Spyro's control... You need to get in here and break us out
smilie How are they put under his control?
smilie There must be some way it spreads but I don't know yet so come quick
smilie What about Boomer? He was under Spyro's control but I think he snapped out of it
smilie How did he snap out of it?
smilie I guess he got hurt but would that snap him out of it?
smilie There's only one way to find out
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Chapter 4 HQ Underground

smilie I'll go first
(Wrecking Ball opens the main door to find no one in the hallway)
smilie Did Gill Grunt say where he was?
smilie Dammit...
smilie Oh yeah, Flameslinger it looks like you need to know
smilie Know about what?
smilie The Skylanders Elite Council
smilie I've never heard of this
smilie Only eight, well nine Skylanders know of this
smilie And I guess that's ten now, we need to go in basement and go through a secret hole
smilie I'm guessing they're down there
(The Skylanders go through the basement door and there's lots of Skylanders down there who are under Spyro's control)
smilie Look how much there are!
smilie Boomer? You okay?
smilie I am now, I'll help you guys
smilie Just watch yourself, you are injured remember
smilie Will do Wrecking Ball
(They walk down the stairs as they are attacked)
smilie Wrecking Ball you run and we'll fend them off
(Wrecking Ball runs to the hole and goes through)
smilie Gill Grunt? Trigger Happy?
smilie You fool!
smilie Oh no...
smilie Looks like your end is coming
smilie I'll take you both and snap you out of this!
???: You can try...
smilie SPYRO!
smilie Look what we have here, Wrecking Ball
smilie I'll kill you, if it weren't for you Spyro would be alive right now!
smilie Wrecking Ball!
smilie You two, get them!
(The other Skylanders begin fighting)
smilie Why do you hate us and want to stop us?
smilie My name was ruined because of the Skylanders... I AM DEAD... And all the Skylanders will be also
smilie People still love you for who you are!
(Stealth Elf superkicks Spyro in the face as he stumbles back and sends more Skylanders down the hole)
smilie We gotta get out of here, there's too many!
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Chapter 5 HQ Escape

smilie We don't have a lot of options right now
smilie We won't be able to fend them all off, we need to get out of here
smilie I'll use my bombs to destroy this place
smilie Uh, Boomer we're still here...
smilie You bombs aren't powerful enough Boomer
smilie Yeah, but there's explosives down here
smilie I never even saw those before
smilie Must be Spyro's explosives, do it Boomer!
smilie What about us?
smilie Stealth Elf dig sideways
smilie Right!
(Stealth Elf starts digging)
smilie They are all going for Boomer!
smilie I've planted them but I can't get back to you guys
smilie We are gonna help you...
smilie No, you guys get out of here and I'll destroy this place
smilie Come on guys!
(Flameslinger and Wrecking Ball start crawling through the hole and a explosion occurs)
smilie Will Boomer be okay? What about everyone else?
smilie I don't know, Boomer's bombs aren't that powerful and there wasn't much explosives
smilie Where are we heading after this?
smilie We'll get head back up to land and head to the ruins for Eon's guidance
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Chapter 6 Ruins In Ruins

(Stealth Elf, Wrecking Ball and Flameslinger get out from underground as they re-emerge outside of the HQ)
smilie What about hot Dog? I didn't see him down there...
smilie Me neither, maybe he's okay?
smilie No point going back now, it's not like he will die if he is under Spyro's control
smilie Right Stealth Elf but he could be some use for us
smilie We... We don't have time to go back, we need to get to the Ruins and fast
smilie And we don't have a ship to do that
smilie We'll go to the Mabu Homes and steal a ship
smilie I guess stealing is the only option right now
(The Skylanders reach the Mabu homes where they begin to steal a ship)
smilie We need this to save Skylands
[User Posted Image] I don't care, buy your own!
smilie Stop!
(Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps him and he falls over)
smilie Ah, crap I didn't mean...
smilie No time, now get on!
(The Skylanders jump on and leave)
[User Posted Image] 2: Are you okay dad?
[User Posted Image] No, those rotten Skylanders stole our ship... Call the Mabu Police Force...
smilie I feel bad about what I did to that guy
smilie Well, it'll all unfold for the better in time
smilie I guess...
smilie The Ruins!
(The Skylanders look at the Ruins as the Core Of Light is destroyed and The Darkness begins to emerge)
smilie We were too late...
(The Mabu Police Force surround the Skylanders)
[User Posted Image] Police: Put your hands up and drop your weapons!
smilie What do we do?
smilie We do as he says...
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Chapter 7 Skylands In Terror
smilie Great idea with the decoy explosives master!
smilie Those puny bombs left us unharmed!
smilie What do we do now master?
smilie This plan cannot move forward until Wrecking Ball is dead and then I fulfil the rest of my plan
smilie Sir, the Skylanders are now hated by all of Skylands on the news and such
smilie That's just how we want it, the Skylanders are proven to be corrupt and evil
smilie So we should go to the prison and kill Wrecking Ball?
smilie No, first you will all build my castle where the Skylanders HQ's ruins are
smilie Yes sir!
(In the city)
[User Posted Image] Mayor: The Skylanders have gone too far, I'm sure we've all seen the mews that they have stolen someone's vehicle and assaulted them... But now we fight back against the Skylanders!
(The crowd cheers)
[User Posted Image] Every Mabu who wants to rid Skylands of the Skylanders shall join me on doing so as we march to their HQ!
(The crowd cheers are travels towards the destroyed Skylanders HQ)
smilie Master we have a problem!
smilie What is it?
smilie The Mabu are coming towards us and ready to attack!
smilie Good, tell everyone to leave the castle and murder all of the Mabu...
smilie Yes sir
(All the Skyalnders stop constructing the castle and go into battle against the Mabu)
smilie They are corrupt just as I said they were...
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Chapter 8 Prison Escape

[User Posted Image] Police Officer: We all Police to leave this prison right now! There's a full scale war between the Skylanders and the Mabu happening!
(All of the Mabu Police except the sheriff)
smilie You have to let us go, only we can stop all of this!
[User Posted Image] Sheriff: You Skylanders are the cause of all of this and will only make things worse, in fact you just started a war
smilie That's not our doing! They are under Spyro's control!
[User Posted Image] Sheriff: Spyro is a Skylander so they are under a Skylanders control?
smilie No, they are under the original Spyro's control, he's not a Skylander and he wants to take control of Skylands!
[User Posted Image] Sheriff: Enough of these lies... I won't let you help your Skylanders friends... I'll put an end to you three right now
(The Sheriff pulls out a gun and points at Stealth Elf)
smilie NO! (Flameslinger jumps in front of the bullet which impales him in the stomach)
(Wrecking Ball Tongue Whaps the Sheriff which knocks him down, Wrecking Ball then takes the gun)
smilie You will regret that!
[User Posted Image] Sheriff: I'm doing a deed to my people
(Wrecking Ball eats the gun)
[User Posted Image] Sheriff: What are you gonna do now Skylander?
smilie I know what I want to do but that's not what I should do
(Wrecking Ball then attacks the Sheriff and quickly defeats him)
smilie I'm sorry it had to be this way...
smilie Hang on Flameslinger!
smilie Stealth Elf... I've always loved you...
(Flameslinger dies in Stealth Elf's arms)
smilie I've always loved you too...
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Chapter 9 Skyland Showdown

smilie Stealth Elf we need to be quick if we are going to make Spyro pay for this...
smilie Right, we'll make him pay!
(The two bury Flameslinger and pay their respects as they rush to find Spyro)
(On top of Spyro's Castle)
smilie Spyro, we've wiped out most of the Mabu without any casualties
smilie Good, keep on with the assault
(Hot Dog approaches Trigger Happy from behind and bites him)
smilie So, someone hasn't joined me?
smilie I'll stop your reign of terror Spyro!
smilie You can only try my little friend...
(The two of them quickly engage in battle)
smilie I will defeat you!
(Blackout them attacks Hot Dog from behind)
smilie You're clearly mistaken
smilie Two? I can take you both!
smilie Once again you can only try
smilie Look, Hot Dog is fighting Blackout and Spyro! We need to help him!
smilie We can't just rush in there we need to use the explosives
smilie I guess we did steal them for a reason, where do we plant them?
smilie I think we should plant them next to the front castle wall, that'll lead to the wall falling and landing on the Skylands to break Spyro's control over them!
smilie What about Hot Dog he's up on top of the castle
smilie I'll plant the bombs and you get Hot Dog off of there
smilie Okay!
(The two split up)
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Chapter 10 Back In Light?

smilie Are you ready to meet your demise?
smilie I will never give up!
smilie Fool, your end is now!
(Spyro gets ready to ram Hot Dog but Wrecking Ball knocks Spyro out of the way)
smilie How about we make this an even fight?
smilie I guess I can get rid of you both now
smilie (Whispers) Quick, we have to get off the castle before it explodes
(Wrecking Ball and Hot Dog begin running and Blackout chases them)
smilie Bombs?
(Spyro the charges of the castle as the front wall explodes and crumbles on top of the Skylanders)
smilie That should fix them!
(The Mabu cheer and attempt to kill the Skylanders but Stealth Elf stops them)
smilie Mabu, I suggest you stop right now!
[User Posted Image] We are gonna end you as well!
smilie Please, this is all a great misunderstanding! These Skylanders were under evil's control
[User Posted Image] You're lying!
smilie Just look into the sky, you see The Darkness? That was caused by the destruction of the Core Of Light which the Skylanders are sworn to protect
[User Posted Image] And you guys destroyed it!
smilie We would never destroy the Core Of Light under our own control, you have to believe me!
smilie Enough of this!
(Spyro rams Hot Dog and Wrecking Ball next to Stealth Elf)
smilie You three have caused far to much problems around here, I will finally murder you and all the Skylanders!
[User Posted Image] See, that's the legend Spyro and he knows you guys are evil!
smilie He's been working with his corrupted Skylanders and he's the one who started this war with the Mabu
smilie What this Skylanders says is the truth but I do not care about that or anything in Skylands
[User Posted Image] Kill him!
(Blackout then starts attacking Mabu)
smilie Let's finish this!
(Spyro pulls out the Magic Source)
smilie So, this can save Spyro?
smilie The Magic Source!
(Wrecking Ball Forcefield Balls towards Spyro but he is rammed back by Spyro's horns)
smilie With this I can wish for anything I want, instead of using this to rid the universe of the Skylands I'd rather do it the fun way
(Spyro then destroys the Magic Source)
smilie NOOOOO!
(Wrecking Ball jumps forward and Tongue Whaps Spyro and his teeth evolve to tusks, he then uses his Disco Ball to hit Spyro which causes him to fall flying back)
smilie Master!
(Stealth Elf jumps up and kicks Blackout)
smilie I never knew you had such a power...
(Wrecking Ball then stabs one of his tusks through one of Spyro wings and breaks his tooth of to pin Spyro the ground)
smilie Argh!
(Wrecking Ball stabs his other tooth into Spyro's wing and does the same process as before)
smilie Please, let me live... I'm sorry...
smilie I would let you live a few years ago but now I'm different and know that you don't deserve to live
(Wrecking Ball spits out the gun he ate earlier)
smilie Stealth Elf, you do the honours!
(Stealth Elf walks over to Wrecking Ball and takes the gun)
smilie Gladly
(Stealth Elf shoots Spyro in the head, killing him)
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Story 101 What Happens Now?
Chapter 1 Fixing Skylands

smilie It's over... Again...
smilie Argh what happened?
smilie You killed Spyro?
smilie He's done
smilie What the heck happened to the HQ?
smilie Just rebuild it?
smilie I'll sort them out Wrecking Ball
(Hot Dog runs over to the Skylanders to explain everything)
[User Posted Image] King: I guess we will return to the city and rebound from all of this... Come on Mabu, bring the injured and deceased
smilie It's over now Wrecking Ball
smilie I know, but what's topping this all from happening again? First Spyro and then Flameslinger, how do we know that we won't all end up like them?
smilie We don't... There will always be Villains I'm sure but let's hope the next Villain to come along isn't a murderer
smilie Like the good old days...
smilie I guess I'll dispose of the body
smilie Yep
(Later at 9:00PM)
smilie Looks like the HQ is done and we can finally go to bed
smilie You gonna eat that doughnut?
smilie I guess you can have it
smilie Yum!
(Sprocket grabs the doughnut and eats it)
smilie Okay then...
smilie I guess I can finally sleep...
(Wrecking Ball falls asleep but is woken up by Hot Dog)
smilie I saw Stealth Elf outside digging up dirt for some reason... You know why?
smilie Flameslinger!
smilie We better be quick!
(The two run outside to find Stealth Elf)
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Chapter 2 The Passing

smilie Stealth Elf?
smilie Look Wrecking Ball, the grave is empty...
smilie What has she done?
smilie We need more people, let's go back to the HQ!
(At the Skylanders HQ)
smilie Good job on rebuilding the Core of Light in the Skylanders Academy!
smilie I can't believe we let the Darkness stay that long
smilie Guys, Stealth Elf dug up Flameslinger's body and we don't know where she went
smilie We'll send some Skylanders to help you two find her!
smilie Let's send some who have not been on here in a while
smilie We'll send Fist Bump, Zap and...
smilie But Zap sounds so annoying!
smilie And Short Cut
smilie Are you drunk?
smilie Stop complaining Hot Dog and let's go!
(The Skylanders set off to find Stealth Elf
smilie Where are we looking?
smilie It's so hard to see
smilie And you are so hard to understand
smilie Leave Zap alone Hot Dog or I'll cut you!
smilie And I will eat your shoes!
smilie What's your problem with Zap?
smilie He is annoying and a Water Element
smilie I can't help my voice and Element
smilie Sure...
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Chapter 3 New Adventures

smilie Please work!
(Wrecking Ball and the others find Stealth Elf with Flameslinger and the Magic Source)
smilie Wait, the Magic Source wasn't destroyed?
smilie I found it after we killed Spyro and I was going to bring Flameslinger back without telling you about it
smilie Can we not save Spyro as well?
smilie I tried that and it doesn't seem to allow it
smilie How about we bring back everyone who has died in the past year?
smilie Why would we want people like Kaos, Malefor and Vathek back?
smilie Why are we here?
smilie Quiet Zap!
smilie Maybe we can't bring Spyro and Flameslinger back without evil to balance it out
smilie Where are you even pulling this idea from?
smilie Zap, I'll punch you if you don't shut up
smilie That could be the case... But they would try to kill us again
smilie We'll make Spyro return back to his own universe without knowing the existence of Skylanders, Malefor return to his lair, Kaos to return here and Vathek to be frozen in stone again at Dragon's Peak
smilie Okay we'll see if this works
(Stealth Elf makes the wish to the Magic Source and everything happens correctly)
smilie What the?
smilie KAOS TRAP!
(Kaos is trapped and turned good)
smilie Nailed it!
smilie What? What's going on?
(Stealth Elf pulls her mask down and kisses Flameslinger)
smilie SPYRO!
(Wrecking Ball runs over to Spyro and hugs him)
smilie Um, Wrecking Ball are you okay?
smilie I'm more than okay, you're back!
smilie I remember fighting Kaos and...
smilie It doesn't matter let's just get back to the HQ
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#791 Posted: 20:43:31 07/08/2015
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
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Quote: Luminous35

Thanks, Luminous35.
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#793 Posted: 14:05:51 08/08/2015
Your are very welcome smilie
smilie smilie STARCAST FOR PRESIDENT OF MY SEXUALITY smilie smilie
smilie smilie Professor Jet-Vac? I don’t feel so good. smilie smilie
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Updated HQ!

[User Posted Image]

A great increase in size, the addition of a Training Centre, Docks and Graveyard.

Front and back.

[User Posted Image]
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Story 102: SuperCharged
Chapter 1 Skylands Academy

(In the Skylands HQ Meeting Room)
smilie Hello everyone it is great to be back here in front of all of you!
(The Skylanders cheer)
smilie The Skylanders Academy has recently been redesigned and the Core of Light was rebuilt there, feel free to check it out and enjoy your day!
(As Spyro is leaving, Cynder walks up to him and kisses him)
smilie I can't believe you are back
smilie Well, I hope you can believe it
smilie I can now, you want to go out and get some dinner?
smilie Of course I would
(The two then walk off together)
smilie It's awesome that everything is back to normal and better
smilie Yeah, it's great, how about we go to the Skylanders Academy and see what's new?
smilie Don't forget me guys!
smilie And me!
smilie Okay team let's go!
(At the Skylanders Academy)
smilie Wow, this place looks so dope
smilie How can you think this is stupid? It's great
smilie I mean dope as in good
smilie That's hella derp
smilie OH MY EON!
smilie IT'S HUGO!
Hugo: Yes, I am back in action and I am ready for the next adventure!
smilie What's the next adventure?
Hugo: Well, since there's new Skylanders it would seem a new adventure is coming!
smilie New Skylanders?
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#796 Posted: 20:22:43 19/09/2015
Can't wait for the superchargers intro in these stories
keep it up your stories are great!
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
Evolve Your Skylanders Adventure here!
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Chapter 2 The New Skylands

smilie That was an amazing adventure to stop the Darkness and Kaos!
smilie You got that right Wrecking Ball. We aced it.
smilie The modifications to the HQ are now done so all you SuperChargers have room each.
smilie Nice, I'll go and fix up my room to my liking.
smilie Cool...
(Spitfire leaves Wrecking Ball)
smilie Wrecking Ball, I was thinking that the next time we go an adventure it can be just me, you, Shroomboom and Pop Thorn that go just like old times!
smilie That would be awesome so I'd love to do this.
smilie Sweet.
smilie We could get a SuperCharger to join our crew.
smilie Nah...
smilie Why not?
smilie None of them really fit our group... They are cool and all but nah...
smilie I suppose we'll see.
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As far as I know I not dead. I will finish story 102 and then I'll hopefully get back on track.
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Gee... What do I know?
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Story 103 will hopefully be done this month.
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