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New version:


A seadog stood on the edge of a dock, disgruntled. He wore a black, torn cape with a hood. The seadog growled and gazed at the ocean. Why hasn't his crew arrived yet? The seadog and his crew's plunder expedition hadn't been well for the past few months. How could a pirate make a living without the best of treasure? The seadog used to be a skilled magician, working for a circus that had often come around the best villages to show their amazing tricks. He mastered the art of levitating items there, his favorite being cards. He called himself The Cardmaster, as he was the best at playing Pirate Cards, as well as levitating them. A sheep padded up to him. It bleated at the grimacing canine. The Cardmaster snarled at the fluffball and pointed his finger at the annoying animal. The sheep stared at him in confusion and bleated again before hopping away. The Cardmaster turned his attention back towards the sea with a grunt. His powers had gotten even more weaker than he thought. The pirate exhaled and closed his eyes. He opened his clenched fists. The dog looked down at his palm. Only a small spark of blue light flickered on his paw. He sighed, his ears flattening back in stress. Why was magic so hard to make all of a sudden? The Cardmaster's thoughts were soon interrupted by a large ship making its way towards him. The Cardmaster smiled as he witnessed his crew docking the large craft. A seadog placed a plank onto the dock and began to walk down it, carrying a large sack. The seadog sported splotches of brown markings on his fur and a golden earring in his right ear. ''Patches, me lad. Do ye have it?'' the Cardmaster asked. A light blue horn slowly struck out of the bag. ''She's dazed, captain.'' Patches replied. ''Excellent...'' The Cardmaster smirked.
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Can't wait for more! Any idea on when you'll update? You know, like once a day, every two days, etc.
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Hmmm, I dunno, maybe once every two days, but I'll be most active on the weekends, I think.
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Okay! Yeah, I'm more active on weekends too.
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Chapter One
Magna Charge dashed through the field, sparks of electricity jumping off of his wheel. He wore a very determined expression as he bolted. The ultron suddenly halted as he spotted multiple herds of sheep in his way. His pupil dodged from one side to another as he stared at all of them. Magna almost felt like counting all of them, the creatures were somehow so intriguing. ''WOOOOOOHOOOO!'' a shrill, yowling noise came from behind Magna Charge. A blur of blue flew past him. ''You've gotta be faster than that if you wanna keep up!'' the blur snickered. Freeze Blade was now avoiding all the sheep in the way, sliding in between the groups. Magna Charge was still observing the sheep before looking up to see Freeze Blade in the lead. Without hesitation, he lifted up all of the sheep with his magnetic force and throwing the herds all at the cat. Freeze Blade was tackled by a wave of fluffballs, concealed beneath the pile. ''Hahaha!'' Magna Charge released a mechanical chuckle before dashing off again. He bolted into the forest, still snickering. That was until an icy chakram hit him in the back of his head. The ultron fell in surprise. He turned to see Freeze Blade trying to remove the sheep that were statically attracted to his clothing. Ignoring the annoying ungulates, he skated towards where he witnessed Magna Charge fall. The robot was shaking his head at the minor headache in his circuits, but was still hungry for a race. Freeze Blade, even though being slowed down by daft, hoofed animals, was swiftly staggering his way towards the gradually moving yet fast Magna Charge. The ultron was far ahead of the cat and close to the one of the bases of the Skylanders, the Mainland. The floating island was a very close neighbor to the Ruins. The Lost Islands were the few other sites for the champions. Although, Magna Charge wasn't very familiar with the newest areas, as Cloudbreak would forever be where he belonged. The ultron was about to make his way past the Mainland Borders and was interrupted by a Sky Baron, named Jet-Vac. ''Racing again, are we lad?'' he asked, smiling. Magna nodded. ''Gill's been searching for you and a few others. He sent me out to fetch you.'' Jet-Vac said. The sky baron snickered. ''He's been acting like this ever since Spyro left. Crazy fish....'' he said. The anthropomorphic avian turned to see Whirlwind, slowly walking towards the two. ''C'mon, Whirl. We still have to find Bash, Rubble, Smolder-.'' Jet-Vac started. ''Alright, alright, I'm coming...'' Whirlwind replied, her head hanging low as she blinked her weary eyes. The hybrid's been so tired ever since she returned from her mission. She hadn't said much either and was rather jumpy and glum. The unidragon lifted off into the air to fly above the bird, lazily. (Whirl's gonna be kinda like a tired Eeyore in this fanfic, lol.)
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^Haha, Tired Eeyore, lol. Nice chappie, can't wait for more!! (As you already know cause I've said it like a million times)
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Thanks SPARX and Sky! Glad to know that people are reading this. Tomorrow's Friday and I shall try to post more chapters.
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Yay! Go Friday!!
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♫Gotta get down on Friday!♫ Ahem, anyway, got any pairing ideas? I may use Bashwing, but there's a lot of interesting ideas out there.
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Well, *clears throat* I ship: Bashwing, Whirlbot, Sonic Burn, Scramo, SpyCyn, Roller Blade, and... Yep, those are my main ones. But that's probably not what you meant... smilie
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This is WONDERFULLYAMAZINGANDSPECTACTULARLYAWESOME! I really like it! But why did Spyro leave???
A story.
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Thanks uttster13! I like your stories also. Spyro left because he's on a quest alone(well maybe with Sparx, I dunno yet) in Dragon's Peak, more of that will be revealed later. New chapter soon!
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Can't wait! Plus it's a weekend! And that means more of this stuff! :3
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Yep, working on Chapter Two now. smilie
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Yay!! smilie
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Description: Sorry if the action takes a while to start, this is kinda like a introduction more than anything right now. Hope it picks up soon!

Chapter Two
Two bats hung upside on a branch of a tree, their wings covering their faces. The larger bat was a misty, light blue, while the smaller bat was a shade of purple. ''What are you two doing up there? It's time for your patrol!'' Gill Grunt exclaimed. The two bats groaned, covering their faces even further. ''ARF!'' The lava dog golem called Hot Dog barked, wagging his flaming tail. ''Get off of the tree.'' Gill Grunt demanded, putting his harpoon gun onto his shoulder. ''Ruff! Get off of that tree!'' Hot Dog repeated, putting his front paws onto the tree. The two bats revealed their faces and stretched out their wings. The larger bat had tufts of white fur on the sides of his face and big tusks sticking out of his mouth. And the smaller bat had only two tiny fangs and pink strands of fur on the back of her head. ''Vhat, vhat? Have you ever heard of nocturnal?'' the blue bat asked flapping off the tree and towards Gill, slightly baring his pointed teeth. ''Your undead patrol is ready.'' Gill Grunt replied, ignoring the angry bat. ''Already?!'' the purple bat asked, her eyes wide. She turned, staring directly into the sun. ''Aah! Too bright, too bright!'' the winged creature shrieked, covering up her face again with only one wing. ''Just get ready and fast.'' he said, before walking off with Hot Dog. The purple bat watched the two leave, joining her other flying friend. In a flash, the two bats turned into the vampiric skylanders known as Night Shift and Roller Brawl. ''Man, I was just getting comfortable...'' Roller Brawl slouched, frowning.

Stealth Elf bolted, her braided ponytail waving in the wind. She was deep into the forest, her figure almost hidden by all of the green. The elf launched herself over a log, swiftly. The skylander was being chased by something she could not see, another ninja. Three shurikens were thrown at her, but she blocked them with her large blades, the stars becoming stuck on the edge of her weapon. She turned, trying to spot her opponent in the trees. But the enemy was just as quick as her. She continued to run, moving faster. Stealth Elf couldn't see or hear the enemy, but she could still smell him, even with something covering her nose. The enemy looked down at Stealth Elf from on top a tree branch, waving his tail expectantly. He leapt down onto a flat rock and rose his head up from above the bushes. Where was Stealth Elf? The enemy turned his head to the right. Seeing nothing, he returned back to look in front of him. Wait. Something didn't seem right. The enemy turned back to the right and spotted the elf, staring directly at him and even sitting on the same rock he landed on. ''GAH!'' he jumped back in surprise and fell back, his tail frizzing up. Stealth Elf snickered, shaking her head. ''D-don't scare me like that!'' the enemy stuttered, lifting himself up and brushing off. ''But its fun!'' Stealth Elf replied. This ''enemy'' was named Stink Bomb, one of the trio of ninja skylanders. He was easily frightened, sometimes even saying ''boo'' could make him curl up into a ball like a hedgehog. ''Isn't a apprentice trained under one of the great masters of surprise supposed to be well not so..surprised?'' Stealth Elf joked, removing a strip of her blue hair away from her face. ''I wasn't surprised! I was...being cautious...'' Stink Bomb said, his voice shrinking. Stealth Elf rolled her eyes. ''I won!'' Freeze Blade's voice was heard from behind the two ninjas. The two stared at him in confusion. The cat's suit was covered in small tufts of sheep wool. The fluff was even in his mouth. Freeze Blade groaned, baring his teeth. ''He won didn't he?'' the feline asked, monotone.
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Haha, intro or not this is still good! I love seeing all of their shenanigans. :3 And I also love that Freeze Blade always comes across as a fool. smilie
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You're welcome-ies...? Haha, smilie .
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Thanks SiA! Your fanfic is awesome too! The next few chapters will revolve more around the plot.
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(Gasp! I doubleposted!)
I should be back to post more chapters soon. Everything's on my laptop and I can't post the chapter from my phone. It seems like you guys are enjoying this so far. smilie
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#22 Posted: 17:23:58 14/09/2013
SEEMS??? We are definitely enjoying this! smilie And don't worry, I've quad posted and maybe even Quint posted on my Fanfictions. smilie
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Chapter Three

Rubble Rouser awoke. It was dark already. Everyone was sent to their elemental tents for the night. But something was keeping Rubble awake. He noticed that Flashwing was missing, which was very strange for the gem dragoness. She always claimed that she needed her beauty sleep. Bash was asleep, still guarding the spot where Flashwing slept. "Flash.....wing...'' he drawled, snuffling and snoring. Rubble decided to head out and look for the dragoness. As he beginning to walk outside, he noticed a torn card that was placed onto the grass. He picked it up and examined it. There was a photo of a seadog, holding a glass of red wine on the front of it. He stared at it in awe. The card was so intriguing somehow. It almost felt like it was calling him, telling him to continue to gaze at its glory. But he then stopped staring as he remembered that one of his teammates was missing. Dropping the card, the earth skylander began to walk again, only to find a trail of cards leading into the forest. What was this? Rubble hesitantly followed the trail, observing every card he passed. Once into the forest, he heard two whispers coming from the right of him. ''Its so enchanting!'' a voice said with awe. ''Dazzling!'' another followed. He spotted Flashwing and Whirlwind, both were staring at a seadog in a cape. The seadog turned, looking directly at Rubble. The skylander quickly jumped down, trying to conceal himself in the bushes. What was so thrilling? Was it the seadog? Weren't they supposed to be fighting the pirate? Rubble slowly rose up again and looked at the seadog. There was a bright flash of blinding, white light and the canine was gone. Multiple cards rained down onto Flashwing and Whirlwind. They didn't even flinch. The girls giggled for some reason and then they passed out in unison, instantly falling asleep.

Free Ranger watched Whirlwind crash land. The hybrid got up perfectly fine and shook the leaves off of her pelt. ''Are you alright, Whirl. This is the fifth time today that you-'' Free Ranger started. ''Oh, no, no! I'm fine!'' Whirlwind replied, preening herself. She seemed rather ditzy and sort of bubbly unlike before when she was just depressed by something unknown. Did unicorn dragon hybrids just have weird mood swings? ''Well...okay then.'' Free Ranger said. Whirlwind awkwardly smiled at the storm chicken before lifting off into the sky again. Free Ranger watched her disappear into the clouds before sitting back onto a rock. The sky was getting gray. Cold rain eventually hit his beak. It reminded him of the old days when he used to be in the middle of a storm. He continued to stare at the sky, happily. There was a small, shadowy dragon figure that was also trying to fly. Moving away from the clouds, it revealed itself to be purple. Free Ranger immediately recognized the figure. Spyro was coming home.
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Hmm, interesting... This is getting suspicious...
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Chapter Four

''Tell us what happened next!'' a seadog pup exclaimed, his eyes filled with curiosity. Wash Buckler was telling stories to the neighborhood pirate kids again. He often came around this skyland, as it was the village where he found his first crew. The orphaned mermasquid was taken in by a gang of pirates. Wash Buckler taught them how to be good people, while they provided him a family. But, he was now a skylander, and he had to leave his pirate crew behind. He hasn't seen them in a while, but he was postive that they were still fighting crime. ''There I was, staring directly in the eyes of a possessed Cloud Kraken!'' Wash Buckler said, very enthusatic. One of the seadog pups gasped. ''Cloud Kraken?! Possessed?! T-that's like a whole clan of Land Whales and a Drow Armada put together!'' he barked in disbelief. ''What happened then?'' another asked, his mouth agape. ''My crew and I fought the beast for hours, trying to cut its tentacles off of the ship.'' Wash Buckler replied. All of the pups stared intensely at the mermasquid. ''Did...did you die?'' one squeaked, her voice cracking with worry. ''No, little pup, not at all. We threw buckets of fish out into the water, as bait.'' Wash Buckler smiled. ''And the Cloud Kraken fell for it.'' he added. ''J-just like that?'' the female pup yelped. ''Yeah.'' Wash Buckler grinned. ''Whoa, you're so awesome Wash Buckler!'' one of the male pups bayed. ''You're a pirate captain and a skylander! That's radical!'' another said. Skylander? Wash Buckler's eyes lit up in alarm. Gill! ''I've gotta go, kids.'' Wash Buckler said to the pups. ''Wha? Already?!'' the female pup squealed. ''Y-yes, the SWAP Force is calling me.'' Wash Buckler replied, beginning to walk away. ''Really?! Awesome!'' the pups hollered in unison. ''Can you tell us about how you spli-'' one of the pups started. ''Maybe later! Bye!'' Wash Buckler interrupted, quickly walking away. As he was walking past the multiple houses and buildings of the village, he heard grunts and enraged barks coming from inside a bar. ''Hey! Get back here!'' a burly voice called from inside a bar. A feminine seadog in sparkly, pink cape rushed outside, carrying a small sack of something. The poodle-like seadog was running very fast for a girl in shiny, tall high heels. Normally, Wash Buckler would attack the sprinting criminal. But this was a she-beard. He couldn't hit a lady, could he? The seadog turned to spot Wash Buckler. ''Bonjour!'' she smiled, blowing the mermasquid a kiss. She raced to a flying ship that was awaiting for her. A seadog brown splotches on his dark fur quickly dropped a plank onto the ground. ''Get your tail up here, poodle!'' he growled. ''Au revoir!'' the poodle said to Wash Buckler as she bolted up the plank. She made it onto the floating ship and the other seadog removed the plank from the edge of the craft. ''Cowards!'' a squidface brute ran outside of the bar, raising his anchor in anger. A group of pirates came out of the bar. ''After that ship!'' the squidface brute growled. The pirates charged at the ship, but it was too late. The ship already lifted off, quickly. ''Darn rogues!'' the squidface brute grumbled.
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Yay! You updated a lot recently! smilie
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Yeah, I'm trying to post more. May post another chap later on.
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OMG another chapter?! You are amazing! I'm kinda slacking right now...
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This getting really good! I love it!
A story.
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Really? Thank you! [User Posted Image]
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^ Lol
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Chapter Five
Spyro flapped his wings, hurriedly. A yellow dragonfly named Sparx was fluttering under his right wing. He couldn't withstand the rain, as his thin, bug wings would be seriously damaged. Spyro narrowed his eyes, preparing for the next gust of strong wind push him back. He was already tired and the dragon had injured his wings a few days ago. Luckily, he was wearing his red attachments that Sprocket made for him, as they helped his flying problems. ''Hey, what's that?'' Sparx asked. Spyro opened his eyes to see what the little insect was talking about. There was a large figure coming towards them. Spyro squinted again. There was a loud, honking noise that emerged out of the figure as it moved closer. Spyro's crimson eyes widened as he finally recognized the shape. It was a huge, flying ship. ''Incoming!'' Sparx exclaimed, his antennae perking up in alarm. Spyro barely dodged out of the way and was now being thrown around by the wind. Sparx was struggling to stay under the purple dragon's wing. Spyro was falling and about to land into a clearing of the Mainland. Spyro hit the ground with a thud. He rolled like a Snowroller and was thrown into a bunch of dirt. ''Some entrance...'' Sparx snickered, getting out from under the reptile's wing. Spyro snorted at the dragonfly, smoke billowing out of his nostrils, still on the ground sprawled out awkwardly with his tail in the air. He noticed Hot Dog who was digging and scratching at the ground. The lava dog immediately spotted Spyro, stopped digging and ran towards the purple dragon. ''Spyro! Arf!'' he barked. He began to lick the dragon's face, his saliva sizzling his leader's scales. ''Okay, alright! Hot Dog!'' Spyro protested. ''Ruff!'' Hot Dog barked, sitting down and awaiting for his next command. ''Where's Gill?'' Spyro asked, getting up and trying to wipe the burning slobber off of his face with his wing. ''Woof! I will track Gill! Follow!'' Hot Dog yapped, wagging his tail. The canine drooled happily, his spittle burning the grass as he ran. ''Are you sure we should follow him? Last time he led us to burnt shoe...'' Sparx asked, fluttering after Spyro. ''Let's just hope for the best.'' Spyro said, trudging along. ''Arf! I will track! I will track!'' Hot Dog chanted. Luckily for the fire elemental, it wasn't raining as hard in the area. Hot Dog actually didn't seem to mind water, as he often rolled around in mud as a daily activity. They eventually made it past Mainland Borders and into camp. Cynder, a undead dragoness, lay on a rock. She was upside down for some reason. ''Ah, hey Dragonfly.'' she smiled. Spyro smiled back. ''Awww, did you miss me, Cyndy?'' Sparx asked. Cynder rolled upright. ''I was talking to Spyro.'' she said, unamused as she flicked her tail around. ''Spyro!'' a high-pitched voice made Spyro flinch. A little, red gremlin was running towards him, his long tongue stretching out of his mouth. ''Hey Trigg!'' Spyro said. Trigger Happy jumped onto the dragon's back hugged his neck, rapidly giggling. Surprisingly, he wasn't carrying his golden guns.
I managed to fit another chapter in. Yay!

Just in case anyone didn't know!
(Dragonfly's like a nickname for Spyro, Kaos's calls him that in one of the novels)
(A snowroller is a species in the Winter Keep level of SSF)
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Moar chapterz!! Hooray!
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I've defeated another chapter! [User Posted Image]

Chapter Six
Freeze Blade dashed around the skyland, right beside Magna Charge. The two were at it again. Freeze Blade demanded a rematch and Magna Charge nonchalantly agreed. Freeze Blade drifted away from the ultron, turning into a grassy clearing. He believed that this was a shortcut. In the midst of skating past a large tree, something grabbed onto the wrists of his arms. He was pulled up towards a branch. Shocked, Freeze Blade looked up to see monkeys howling in laughter at the snow cat. Thick vines were wrapped around his wrists. ''Grilla.'' Freeze Blade hissed. That dirty ape wasn't watching his monkeys again! Freeze Blade unsheathed his claws and yowled at the primates. The monkeys stopped and chattered, turning their heads at the feline. Freeze Blade continuedto stare at the ground. He didn't bring his chakram, as he wanted this to be a fair race and the only way that would happen is if the two racers didn't use their weapons. A banana peel was thrown at the cat's frozen fur on the top of his head. Freeze Blade groaned and the monkeys started laughing again. ''Look, I don't have time for your pranks. I have a race to win.'' he growled. ''Race?!'' someone shrieked. A purple bat flew towards the trapped feline. ''Roller?'' Freeze Blade asked. '''Yeah! Wow, you're really stuck up there...'' Roller Brawl said. He didn't have time for a chit-chat! ''Uh, yeah. Could you get me down?'' Freeze Blade asked, wiggling his legs back and forth. ''Ha, but I thought cats always landed on their feet!'' Roller Brawl giggled, flying around Freeze Blade. The cat sighed, his ears drooping. ''Alright, alright. I was just teasing! I'll get ya down.'' Roller Brawl said. She launched herself onto one vine, bit down onto it, and nibbled. The vine snapped after a few tugs. Freeze Blade yelped as he was now hanging by one vine. The monkeys were intrigued, leaning in closer to get a better look. ''Ah, don't be such a scaredy cat!'' Roller Brawl snickered as she flew towards the other vine. The vampire did the same to the other vine. Bite, nibble, tug. Freeze Blade landed on his feet with a surprised squeak. ''Oh...well I guess cats do land on their feet.'' he stared at his hind paws. Roller Brawl looked up at the monkeys. ''That's enough monkeying around. Leave the pranks to Camo.'' she said. The monkeys chattered and swung away on vines, still chirping. ''Alright, now that I saved you, Meow Mix. Could you do me a favor?'' Roller Brawl asked. ''Sure, Roller. What can I do for you?'' Freeze Blade replied. The bat perched herself onto his arm and bared her teeth. ''No way! My blood is off-limits!'' Freeze Blade exclaimed. rapidly shaking his arm up and down trying to shake the vampire off. The bat hopped off of his arm, trying to not get dizzy from Freeze Blade's wild arm shaking. ''Blood? Are you kidding? Hahahaha! I was smiling. Cat blood is too weak for my tastes anyway....'' Roller Brawl said. Freeze Blade flinched. How did she even know what cat blood tasted like? He rather not think about it. ''Oh....then what do you want?'' Freeze Blade asked. ''Can I join your race?!'' Roller Brawl grinned. ''S-sure...'' Freeze Blade replied. Dang it! Now he would have two roadrunners to chase after! ''Sweet! Night Shift's resting for the day, so I can go where ever I want!'' Roller Brawl exclaimed. ''You mean Grandpa?'' Freeze Blade asked with a snicker. Night Shift was the eldest SWAP Force member and Freeze Blade liked to often call the vampire Grandpa just to annoy him. ''Hey, just because he's....'' Roller Brawl started and then stopped to scratching her fuzzy, little head with her wing. ''I actually have no idea how old he is...'' she said with a light shrug and another dreaded, creepy smile.
''Purple Dragon of Legend!'' a green dragon bellowed, quickly flapping his wings. He was scrawny and he sported spikes reaching down from his head to his tail. The dragon wore a dented, silver helmet that fit him almost like a mask. Spyro was watching the dragon hastily making his way to the Mainland. ''Who's that?'' a black griffin named Sonic Boom asked. The two were just having a conversation about Whirlwind and Flashwing's strange activities before they were interrupted by the small dragon's cries. ''One of Ramses's messengers, Emerald...I think.'' Spyro replied, sitting up to stare at the incoming dragon. ''Weren't you there yesterday? About the baddie infestation, right?'' Sonic Boom asked, cocking her head to a side like a dog. ''Yeah.'' Spyro answered, beginning to pad towards the flying dragon. Sonic Boom followed. Emerald finally made it, nearly falling off the edge when his foot slid. ''P-purple Drago-'' he started. ''You can just call me Spyro, Emerald.'' Spyro cut in. ''S-spyro, something's going on back at Dragon's Peak!'' Emerald exclaimed. Sonic Boom noticed that there was a card, hanging off of Emerald's pointed tail. ''Trolls? Gnorcs? Whatever it is, I can take 'em!'' Spyro said, smoke rising up from his nostrils again. ''No, you mustn't! It'll bring them right to us!'' Emerald replied. ''Who's them?'' Sonic Boom asked. ''No time to explain, m'lady! Spyro, you need to gath-'' Emerald began. Two dragon-like figures suddenly appeared behind the green dragon. They hissed in rage. Emerald jumped in fear and bolted towards Spyro, his back arching like a angry cat. ''Whirlwind? Flashwing?'' Spyro questioned, shocked. ''No one is going anywhere!'' the two skylanders snarled, their eyes glimmering white.
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Ooo, nice! And yay! More idiot Freeze Blade, Sonic Boom and Roller Brawl and Freeze Blade! X3 I love this fic too much...
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Whoo hoo! This was a great, lengthy chapter! I like how Freze Blade calls Night Shift "Grandpa"! Cant wait for the next chapter!!!
A story.
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Thanks everyone! Here's a hug, lol! [User Posted Image]
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Yeah! Funny GIFs lol *hugs back*
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Chapter Seven

''You know these two?!'' Emerald asked, surprised. ''They're skylanders.'' Spyro replied. ''Skylanders?! How could those two be champions of the sky?!'' Emerald exclaimed. The two just sat there, staring at their prey. ''Whirlwind, Flashwing, is everything alright? You two have been acting rather strange for the past few-'' Sonic Boom began, worriedly. Whirlwind hissed again, sounding like Rattle Shake having a bad day. ''They're cursed, step back m'lady!'' Emerald yelped. Sonic Boom hesitantly stepped back, still wanting to talk to her fellow comrades. ''Cursed?'' Spyro turned to face Emerald. ''Yes, indeed Spyro. But I have no idea how. It's been happening to most of the rogue dragons around here. It's like as if someone else controls them...'' Emerald replied. ''Most?'' Spyro asked. ''Shhhh, shush! They could be spies...J-just follow me.'' Emerald said, stepping in front of Spyro and stretching out his wings in attempt to fly off. Whirlwind then sprinted in front of Emerald, baring her omnivore teeth. ''No one!'' she scowled, raising her feathery wings, blocking Emerald. Flashwing joined her, except she was lower to the ground with her tail pointed directly at the green dragon, her crystals shining under the sun rays. Emerald gulped. The green dragon cleared his throat. ''Fair maiden, could you please...p-perhaps not harm-'' he started. Whirlwind and Flashwing pounced, Spyro and Sonic Boom quickly dodging out of the way. Emerald flew up, his tail almost being dragged down by the two. Whirlwind and Flashwing skidded, but they sank their claws into the ground, making deep scratches into the soft earth. ''We've got to go, now!'' Emerald said. Spyro and Sonic Boom nodded and then dashed off with the green dragon, turning tail on the snarling, furious skylanders.
Magna Charge had slowed down, observing his surroundings. The forest felt unusual today. Like as if something dark was lurking in the woods. He noticed two blue, round ears pointed up and flicking in the bushes. ''Boo!'' The creature exclaimed, baring his sharp saber-like teeth, claws up. He then groaned and slouched over. ''I thought you were Stink Bomb.'' the creature facepalmed himself. Magna Charge identified the being as Trap Shadow, another SWAP Force member. He was very sleek and often crept around, some much that you wouldn't even sense him there. Trap Shadow actually acted more like a undead skylander, rather than a magic skylander. He perked his ears up, smiling. ''But were you scared?'' the skinny skylander asked. Magna Charge gave him a thumbs up, even though Trap Shadow's boo wasn't the least bit frightening. ''Yessss!'' Trap Shadow grinned, victorious. But his little victory was suddenly interrupted by a huge shadow that flew over the two. Huge gusts of wind followed. ''Hey, slow down big guy!'' Sparx chirped, flapping his wings as fast as possible behind the dragon. A large, red dragon landed in front of the Magna Charge and Trap Shadow. He had a shortened face and his scales were a shade of crimson, yellow horns, a spade on his long tail, and spikes that were placed onto his head like a mohawk. ''It's good to finally see some skylanders. You two are skylanders....right?'' he asked in a gruff, deep and yet playful voice with a smile. Sparx caught his breath, sighing and flying next to the large dragon. ''They're the protectors of Cloudbreak.'' he answered for the skylanders. ''Really? The one's that can split in half?! C-'' the dragon started. He then cleared his throat as he realized he was getting off-topic. ''Uh, where is Spyro?'' the dragon asked, losing his excited voice.
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That was great!!! You seem like you know a lot about writing, it's really descripted, like a professional!
A story.
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P-professional? Thank you! [User Posted Image]
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Haha, I agree with uttster13.
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This fic is so crazy popular, you're almost at page 2?!
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haha, i just read one of your chappi's and i came up with a NIIICEE idea to write
can i write that and post it in my own topic?
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Sure NINJAsk11! (Is it Stink Bomb and Stealth Elf, perhaps?)
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Oh my guys are amazing. [User Posted Image]

Chapter Eight
Spyro, Sonic Boom, and Emerald were still running with Flashwing and Whirlwind sprinting after them. ''They should be snapping out of it!'' Emerald exclaimed, ducking his head down as one of Flashwing's crystals almost sliced through his helmet. He turned to Spyro. ''Are there any safe places we can go?'' he asked. The Campsite would be a nice place to hide, but there were too many skylanders there. They would probably want to fight with the two. Emerald had already told them that battles only made them angrier. ''The Co-'' he started, ramming into something. ''Are you alright?!'' Sonic Boom asked. The griffin was rather motherly to every skylander, always worried when anyone seemed hurt. Spyro nodded dizzily and looked up, seeing a red dragon looming over him. ''Hey, Spyro! Hehehe, boy...if you were even smaller I would have thought you were a dragonbunny!'' the dragon snicked. ''Flavius?'' Spyro questioned, still trying to recover from bumping into the large dragon's leg. Flavius turned to see Sonic Boom. ''Sonic Boom, nice to meet another skylander in person.'' the dragon nodded to the griffin. ''Flavius, I thought Ramses told you to-'' Emerald started. ''Well, I had to do something. I couldn't let Ramses couldn't leave his throne again...'' Flavius replied. ''Wait!'' Emerald exclaimed and turned around. The two skylanders that were chasing them that vanished. ''Huh...?'' Emerald murmured, cocking his head to a side. ''Those cowards!'' he added, raising his tail. ''They must have left.'' Sonic Boom supposed. ''We have to go after them, before they hurt the villagers...and themselves.'' Spyro said as he was about to launch himself into the sky. ''Wait, purple dragon!'' Emerald shouted. Spyro turned to face the dragon messenger, his wings stretched out already. ''They were after us anyway. I've seen the curse go away, like nothing ever happened. It only lasts for a few minutes.'' Emerald said. Spyro hesitated, his crimson eyes staring at the dragon. ''Okay...'' he said with a sigh, folding his wings back down. ''Great! It's all settled! Oh, wait Spyro. Do you know any pirates?'' Flavius asked. Spyro thought for a movement. ''I know a few...'' Spyro replied.
''Where's the gripping tool thingy?!'' a reddish-orange biker rhinoceros named Fryno growled. He was working on his motorcycle and was getting very aggravated with the screwdriver he was holding in his hands. Fryno was with a few other tech skylanders, as they had the tools and wits he needed to fix his ride. The tech skylanders had a special tent for their technical work. ''The wrench?'' Sprocket asked, monotone as she continued to work on Drobot's broken, robotic wing. ''Hot Dog has it.'' she added, clipping some of the wires inside the Drobot's robotic wing. Fryno turned to see the little lava dog biting a wrench by a red toolbox. ''Hot Dog! No!'' Fryno exclaimed, running over to the happy canine. ''Bone!'' Hot Dog continuously chanted, trying to sink his teeth into the metal tool. ''You'll burn it! Which would be actually fun to watch, but still! Drop it!'' Fryno shouted. Hot Dog then turned to see a red dot on the ground. He immediately dropped the wrench and attacked the dot, placing his paws onto it. ''Gotcha!'' he barked and then removed his paws. Nothing was there. Hot Dog was confused. He went on his search of finding the red dot, sniffing around. Fryno turned to see Spy Rise, snickering. ''I've got to try this out on Freeze Blade.'' he said. ''So that's where the weird dot comes from...'' Fryno murmured in awe. Freeze Blade and Roller Brawl then ran past the tent. The cat and the vampire were both skating at the same speed, side by side. ''You gettin' tired?'' Roller Brawl asked, smiling. ''No, are you?'' Freeze Blade asked, grinning. ''Not at all! Roller Brawl smirked, picking up some speed and skating in front of Freeze Blade. Freeze Blade quickly caught up to her, laughing.
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