Favourite CTR:NF Spyro skin?
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Dark Starter Pack Announced
Gill Grunt S3 Red Sparx Gems: 92
#101 Posted: 01:44:37 16/09/2013
Quote: Sesshomaru75
Quote: wreckingballbob
Yeah, I won't get it because I don't wanna have two copies of the game.

I also prefer originals rather than Darks!

I wouldn't really mind having more than one copy of the game to be honest. I'm not a huge Skylanders fan (I actually don't consider myself a fan at all at the moment), but I was really disappointed from what I saw in Giants. Swap Force, on the other hand, seems like it may be better and more worth my money. If I like the game, then I will probably buy the Dark Edition later on just for the figures and probably just give the extra copy of the game to my brother or something.

I also prefer the original characters over the Dark ones, but I still think they look cool.

i dont think you can get the dark version later its limited meaning only this one time special number of sets and in nevada there sold out but i got one so good luck trying at a later date!
JARman712 Blue Sparx Gems: 550
#102 Posted: 22:37:36 08/10/2013
I can't decide. Dark edition for the wii, or the normal of the wii U? smilie smilie smilie smilie smilie
The four last are the four best...Punk Shock, Dune Bug, Wind Up, and Scratch!
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