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New Activate Friends [STICKY]
Djeep Blue Sparx Gems: 777
#451 Posted: 00:15:26 19/01/2014
Please add xander.pander. He still has room left, on his friend list
My activate username : Jpoosterom
Portal___Master Emerald Sparx Gems: 3707
#452 Posted: 01:01:17 19/01/2014
add me web_store_email, oh check the pic, got a million/billion gems finally.
Guinness Book of World Records holder for Largest SkyLanders Collection.
Portal___Master Emerald Sparx Gems: 3707
#453 Posted: 01:02:14 19/01/2014
here's the pic

[User Posted Image]
Guinness Book of World Records holder for Largest SkyLanders Collection.
egspeer Red Sparx Gems: 59
#454 Posted: 15:13:39 19/01/2014
I gift and visit every day!

Please add liz.heavrin10!!
bash fan Gold Sparx Gems: 2905
#455 Posted: 00:36:52 20/01/2014
My Username: M1chaelCurc1c
All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!
Fallen1966 Green Sparx Gems: 444
#456 Posted: 18:39:03 21/01/2014
I started a new game, really could use some friends. I gift daily.
Thanks, username: cowingnut
Ben98gs Green Sparx Gems: 491
#457 Posted: 19:05:39 22/01/2014
Keep the requests coming. I play more than I should and gift as soon as the timer runs out.

ActivateID: ben98gs
scjb6112 Red Sparx Gems: 26
#458 Posted: 15:36:10 23/01/2014
my name is scjb6112 please add me!
larrycornelius Red Sparx Gems: 21
#459 Posted: 02:19:36 24/01/2014
Plz add me larry.cornelius
1nfinity Red Sparx Gems: 25
#460 Posted: 19:19:19 24/01/2014
Add me please. Very Active, will gift daily. Active name: dirty_sanchez_24
swan Red Sparx Gems: 10
#461 Posted: 15:19:04 28/01/2014
Hello, you can add me, i have lot off slot (sorry for my english, i'm french).
Id : swan
SycoMike Green Sparx Gems: 139
#462 Posted: 07:46:27 30/01/2014
I gift daily now that I recovered my game. Add SycoMike.
Aldeb Green Sparx Gems: 142
#463 Posted: 13:43:40 30/01/2014
Hi everybody.

I'm looking for new activate friends.
I gift daily.

My id is : Aldeb
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4340
#464 Posted: 15:34:37 31/01/2014
Can you add portalbasher i really want admiral thumpback
thanks smilie
Setaeli Red Sparx Gems: 10
#465 Posted: 19:59:31 02/02/2014
You can add me: Setaeli
Jedro Red Sparx Gems: 42
#466 Posted: 22:18:31 02/02/2014
Please add my activate ID: Jedro

I play multiple times each day for almost 2 years and will gift you each day!
LaLaLish Blue Sparx Gems: 586
#467 Posted: 04:00:13 03/02/2014
You can add me. I gift everyday. I'm at level 40. Name is LaLaLish
Anarrah Blue Sparx Gems: 993
#468 Posted: 07:08:32 03/02/2014
You can add me I gift daily: Anarrah
eruptshake137 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1436
#469 Posted: 01:55:44 09/02/2014
Mine is SkylanderGeek137.
Prepare for trouble. Make it double.

Skylanderloser Red Sparx Gems: 15
#470 Posted: 19:01:53 10/02/2014
Add me ben.cairns87
lostmudkip Yellow Sparx Gems: 1078
#471 Posted: 20:41:31 11/02/2014
Add lostmudkip if u want I only have 2 friends
Pop Thorn Green Sparx Gems: 408
#472 Posted: 20:46:50 11/02/2014
My username: minecraft756756
I am probably forgotten by now, but bye.
navien833 Red Sparx Gems: 14
#473 Posted: 19:57:31 13/02/2014

I play everyday. have no friends yet but am willing to gift everyday
lostmudkip Yellow Sparx Gems: 1078
#474 Posted: 18:56:22 14/02/2014
Thx to all my new friends I got guggelfin
akinata Green Sparx Gems: 314
#475 Posted: 23:03:15 15/02/2014
Please add us:

We play and gift everyday!
Thejazzdiva Red Sparx Gems: 37
#476 Posted: 02:34:08 16/02/2014
I would be great full if you add thejazzdiva
DarkRaptor Green Sparx Gems: 225
#477 Posted: 20:25:04 17/02/2014
If you would please add me, daily player!
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Kikiux1 Green Sparx Gems: 113
#478 Posted: 21:00:37 17/02/2014
I'm a fairly new player. Need friends to get the goodies that come with kodos. Will send gifts as much as I can. Thanks, Activate name: kikiux1
Thejazzdiva Red Sparx Gems: 37
#479 Posted: 21:25:16 17/02/2014
Thank you so much to all my new friends, I was able to get Guggelfin, and am working on getting Admiral Thumpback. Apologies for the clutter on my islands, I am still trying to get all of them so I can spread out and do some city planning!

I still have space to add more friends, and look forward to seeing how everyone designs their lost islands!
Pop Thorn Green Sparx Gems: 408
#480 Posted: 21:33:41 17/02/2014
Thank you to everyone who added me as a friend (as thejazzdiva and lostmudkip said smilie). I had just enough kudos to get gurglefin and admiral thumpback. Now I'm working on getting that eon statue.
I am probably forgotten by now, but bye.
Sallybal Red Sparx Gems: 12
#481 Posted: 16:56:40 18/02/2014
I'm quite new at this game but would be great if you could add me please : Sallybal
defpally Emerald Sparx Gems: 4033
#482 Posted: 19:34:50 19/02/2014
Add me: defpally

I gift daily
star kitty Blue Sparx Gems: 917
#483 Posted: 21:51:13 19/02/2014
I just started playing a couple days ago and could use some friends. Please add me: star_kitty

imkarebear26 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1387
#484 Posted: 23:26:45 19/02/2014
SkyJo Green Sparx Gems: 490
#485 Posted: 07:55:48 20/02/2014
Player from Germany, add me plz:

Thejazzdiva Red Sparx Gems: 37
#486 Posted: 18:56:42 20/02/2014
minecraft756756 - my sentiments exactly... on to the eon statue!

And to all my new friends thanks for all the kudos!
arenne Gold Sparx Gems: 2849
#487 Posted: 00:18:02 21/02/2014
If you have room for friends, please add me! My ACTIVATE ID: aaryon63

I play and gift daily (ok, many times a day--I am procrastinating with school work!!)

Mmmm, BBQ!!!
turtle20000 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1370
#488 Posted: 13:14:56 21/02/2014
You can add my son ( curleytop) and me (gtm20000) to your active list . We're both very active on lost islands.
Edited 1 time - Last edited at 17:39:20 31/03/2014 by turtle20000
arenne Gold Sparx Gems: 2849
#489 Posted: 18:07:09 21/02/2014
I just added you both--Many thanks!!!
Mmmm, BBQ!!!
Autumn_serrin Red Sparx Gems: 11
#490 Posted: 08:13:20 24/02/2014
Please add me and my fiancé! We're very active and gift daily.

Gamer names: Solea and Wyrinn
grimmspoon Red Sparx Gems: 16
#491 Posted: 21:49:00 24/02/2014

thats me

I play this game daily, and i do my gifting when i can get online (usually m-f from work, and one or two times during the weekends)

Add me please.

tried to think of a more amusing way to ask, but is burned out atm
Kikiux1 Green Sparx Gems: 113
#492 Posted: 01:15:39 25/02/2014
Thanks to all that have become my friend. It took me a week and 33 friends to get Gurglefin and admiral thumpback. Saving for eon statue. Keep those gift comings,
Tricoins Green Sparx Gems: 334
#493 Posted: 04:44:50 25/02/2014
My list as tricoins is full, but add my son he is sigaimsalveson
Excelsior Yellow Sparx Gems: 1170
#494 Posted: 10:46:49 26/02/2014
We all have free slots feel free to add us.

Star Dragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 5323
#495 Posted: 13:12:06 26/02/2014
Activate username: StarDragon
I gift daily
What! Marco sent you here? I've got a restraining order against him! - Rapunzel, Spyro 3
Edited 2 times - Last edited at 22:11:55 11/04/2014 by Star Dragon
Unknownflames Green Sparx Gems: 285
#496 Posted: 01:27:30 27/02/2014
Hello I'm new to the website but not new to skylands add me Unknownflames I gift daily! I have series 1 and 2 of skylanders and the bluetooth portal so my codes are useless! So I plan on holding a Raffle for those willing to gift daily. Ever 10, 15, or 20 jewels I get from gift individually from each friend I will track and manage daily! 10 being a 1 series, 15 being a 2 series, and 20 being a series 3 (ill start collecting next month) will get a skylander of their choice! So add me and gift daily. Pm me to apply!!! smilie

I will start the raffle Monday, 3, 2014
matadlex Red Sparx Gems: 11
#497 Posted: 02:10:21 27/02/2014
Please add me: matadlex
Excelsior Yellow Sparx Gems: 1170
#498 Posted: 11:11:05 27/02/2014
Can you please also add snelll (that is 3 "l"s) thanks.
Ac25668 Red Sparx Gems: 41
#499 Posted: 20:17:04 27/02/2014
I have space free for new friends. Please add me, i give daily

Activate account is: ac25668

Kingdomlevel 29
scmiamicane Blue Sparx Gems: 977
#500 Posted: 04:09:05 28/02/2014
Welcome to add me: scmiamicane. Thank you in advance smilie
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