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How did you find Darkspyro? [STICKY]
MechaTension Blue Sparx Gems: 667
#201 Posted: 09:55:44 18/07/2009
I wanted to look for Dark Spyro images on Google search,but i forgot to put click on image search,then i saw this,became interested,and i joined.
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Cuzzberry Gold Sparx Gems: 2081
#202 Posted: 15:09:26 18/07/2009
Last summer, I think I was looking up info on DOTD and I just stumbled across this site. Then I joined a few days after I found it. Since then I've gotten the latest Spyro news.smilie
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The DoomSong Yellow Sparx Gems: 1120
#203 Posted: 05:41:11 23/07/2009
I looked up dragon generator and found this.But I didnt join for like a year.
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DemonSpyro115 Blue Sparx Gems: 881
#204 Posted: 19:02:34 23/07/2009
i just googled a site for cheats on the GBA ones of the classic series like Orange and Season of Ice and such i found it and i was like WOA WAY BETTER THAN SPYRO UNIVERSE i forgot to favorite it i was pissed i spent my life trying to find it i found it i was relieved i favorited it and i became a member of the groupe happy go lucky smilie
spyro fan 8 Ripto Gems: 2948
#205 Posted: 19:04:24 23/07/2009
Quote: The DoomSong
I looked up dragon generator and found this.But I didnt join for like a year.

Kinda like mine, exept I was looking up something for DOTD, I think.. 'Can't remember. : \
xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#206 Posted: 20:33:02 23/07/2009
i found this sight randomly LOL it is amazing
spyro attack Yellow Sparx Gems: 1084
#207 Posted: 16:45:51 26/07/2009
I was looking spyro websites so I tipped in
mhm..that's cool
titan1290 Red Sparx Gems: 67
#208 Posted: 14:35:48 27/07/2009
A friend told me about it.
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TheSoulEater Red Sparx Gems: 19
#209 Posted: 14:22:59 03/08/2009
My friends Spyro_rules and Coocie2 were talking about it, and I felt like joining it, and here I am.
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spyro fan 8 Ripto Gems: 2948
#210 Posted: 14:27:48 03/08/2009
Soul.. Looks like you came after all.
Kyo Tanaka Yellow Sparx Gems: 1819
#211 Posted: 15:24:18 03/08/2009

The end
imef Blue Sparx Gems: 849
#212 Posted: 21:33:52 04/08/2009
It was in march...
I was looking for some stuff on Spyro the movie.
Suddenly, I found a link lead to this site.
I clicked...
I had finally found the site I was looking for.
Even though I was satisfied, I didn't expect to be later on a member.

It was only the 3rd of august 2009 I signed up...
A memorable day...
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Dragon Fodder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1488
#213 Posted: 22:25:54 04/08/2009
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Cynder 19000 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1822
#214 Posted: 20:17:18 05/08/2009
I went on google and serched spyro and tair it was
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DiamondDragon Red Sparx Gems: 26
#215 Posted: 23:06:05 05/08/2009
iwent 2 google and put spyro and it came
winged dragon Emerald Sparx Gems: 4148
#216 Posted: 19:07:35 07/08/2009
I was looking for information on the new spyro movie and I went on and that put me on darkspyro I thought it was cool so I made an acount.
Light dragon Green Sparx Gems: 457
#217 Posted: 22:39:01 07/08/2009
I was trying to find out how to play as dark spyro in TEN and found this website. smilie
SinistersGirl Green Sparx Gems: 161
#218 Posted: 18:19:34 11/08/2009
My friend told me about it smilie
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Meadow Green Sparx Gems: 139
#219 Posted: 11:45:11 28/08/2009
lol i looked spyro up on google smilie
shadowcynder Green Sparx Gems: 137
#220 Posted: 22:16:00 31/08/2009
I was searching for some images of Spyro and Cynder on Google and apperance one image from DarkSpyro, curious like I'm, I clicked an comed here.smilie
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Zimfan247 Green Sparx Gems: 442
#221 Posted: 17:09:48 01/09/2009
someone on youtube told me cuz i needed help finding all the egg's r somthing
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Sheep Gold Sparx Gems: 2009
#222 Posted: 17:17:51 01/09/2009
I think I found DarkSpyro at random, by searching for Spyro with google. I didn't realize how great this site was... first time I visited it. It was when I for a short period was unable to go to spyroforum that I joined here.
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Bolt Hunter Gems: 6135
#223 Posted: 08:33:05 20/09/2009
I looked up Dark Spyro on Google Image Search because I wanted to see Dark Spyro pics and found this site when I saw a pic I liked...
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Spyros Dagger Yellow Sparx Gems: 1495
#224 Posted: 23:52:04 22/09/2009
My first post! smilie

I found this site looking up Spyro pictures on Google.
cynder 9999 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#225 Posted: 12:50:35 27/09/2009
thats easy when you complete the game twice you have to do the five dragon challanges on extras they are very hard. when youv completed all the challenges you can be darkspyro
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xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#226 Posted: 12:54:01 27/09/2009
*facepalm* no, it means how did you find this site? smilie
cynder 9999 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#227 Posted: 13:13:47 27/09/2009
ohhhhh right all you have to do is type down darkspyro on the google thingy then click on "darkspyro fourmes"
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xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#228 Posted: 13:20:56 27/09/2009
yeah, but is that how you found it? some others find it differently.
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spyro 999 Green Sparx Gems: 178
#229 Posted: 19:24:30 28/09/2009
well i found it when i was looking for a website related to darkspyro then i came across this website i like this web glad i found it
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xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#230 Posted: 19:27:17 28/09/2009
hey cynder 9999 smilie
cynder 9999 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#231 Posted: 17:55:21 29/09/2009
hey there man
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Akame Yellow Sparx Gems: 1584
#232 Posted: 18:46:53 29/09/2009
*facepalm*. Oh, and don't call girls 'man'.
xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#233 Posted: 18:52:54 29/09/2009
i know, i was meaning it in a sarcastic way smilie
Akame Yellow Sparx Gems: 1584
#234 Posted: 18:59:13 29/09/2009
Why is she like that? It's a mystery smilie!
Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7896
#235 Posted: 17:52:38 01/10/2009
I googled Spyro and it came up, but I didn't join for 2 years.
sparxman123 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1268
#236 Posted: 23:17:24 01/10/2009
I whent to spyro the and I cliked something and puff hear I am mont's later
IsisStormDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 7127
#237 Posted: 04:00:17 03/10/2009
I was on gameFAQs, lurking around the Dawn of the Dragon message boards and noticed people mentioning this site a lot. So I decided to look at it and BAM. Here I am.
cynder 9999 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#238 Posted: 18:21:20 03/10/2009
i just typed in darkspyro randomly and it came up with this! I LOVE YOU GOOGLE *kisses computer*
Leaving, For good..
xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#239 Posted: 18:23:18 03/10/2009
wow, a crush on a computer.
Adria Emerald Sparx Gems: 4196
#240 Posted: 18:48:02 03/10/2009
I can't really remember but I think I was looking for cheats for DOTD or a walk through on yahoo search and this popped up. I looked at the forums for awhile and then I joined a bit later.
xx chloebabez Yellow Sparx Gems: 1087
#241 Posted: 18:51:53 03/10/2009
i knew about this site for a while before i joined, i actually became a member a year after i found it
BEST FAN EVER Gold Sparx Gems: 2194
#242 Posted: 19:51:05 03/10/2009
thats just how i found it!
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Fireheart Green Sparx Gems: 207
#243 Posted: 01:05:27 04/10/2009
My friend told me i needed 2 get 1. smilie
iSO Emerald Sparx Gems: 3143
#244 Posted: 06:01:30 05/10/2009
I just found this by literally searching the term "Spyro" in Google, finding Spyro Forum, and darkSpyro the second. However, that was about a year or two ago. I have now recently joined both of the forums, just for the sake of talking about Spyro, and having a good reminder of updates. smilie
toadodile5 Green Sparx Gems: 287
#245 Posted: 14:09:29 07/10/2009
Quote: Glass Gryphon
Ditto what S_r said, except that I just Googled Spyro.

i did that too smilie
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Cynder46 Blue Sparx Gems: 782
#246 Posted: 19:18:05 07/10/2009
I followed a walkthrough on here then I was looking around the rest of the site and decided to join. smilie
spyro attack Yellow Sparx Gems: 1084
#247 Posted: 12:00:28 15/10/2009
i was just looking fer walkthroughs and i found Darkspyro
mhm..that's cool
Jessiebabe Green Sparx Gems: 268
#248 Posted: 15:41:35 21/10/2009
I was looking for DoTD cheats and I found this site. It looked cool so I thought I'd join. ^^
Yami Getsuei Red Sparx Gems: 13
#249 Posted: 04:06:42 23/10/2009
I stalked a friend onto here.
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