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How did you find Darkspyro? [STICKY]
Wild Platinum Sparx Gems: 5045
#501 Posted: 00:59:33 12/11/2012
it's purgatory

that's how
Skyhunter Diamond Sparx Gems: 9056
#502 Posted: 01:14:57 12/11/2012
Well, if you must know, I was looking for the release date for Dragon's Peak, and I stumbled across this. There you go.
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9262
#503 Posted: 10:44:16 12/11/2012
I think I can barely remember how I found darkSpyro, I think one day, I just decided to do a google search for Spyro, and just randomly found this site from the search results.
Grizztof Green Sparx Gems: 239
#504 Posted: 01:56:42 14/11/2012
When I get interested in something, I usually Google whatever it is plus "forum." Googling "Skylanders Giants forum" hits this place.
weebbby Emerald Sparx Gems: 4220
#505 Posted: 01:03:10 19/11/2012
I was looking at images, and they linked here.
gillgrunt987 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7494
#506 Posted: 00:35:35 24/11/2012
I was looking for skylanders help. The first time i just ignored the forum part. Second though i decided to become a member.
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Thumpterra12 Ripto Gems: 120
#507 Posted: 04:36:28 24/11/2012
I found this site AGGGGEEEES ago smilie
Let me explain..


I used to stalk this website a while ago, but I never had the courage to register because I was scared of the fanwars of Skylanders VS Spyro (Fan war 2).

This is pretty much mine, except bad forum experiences held me back *shudder*
Cynderluv8801 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#508 Posted: 03:50:21 25/11/2012
needed help with some spyro games... found this site... thought it twas awesome!!
signed up
been posting ever since!!!
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Gem-A-Knight Yellow Sparx Gems: 1644
#509 Posted: 06:35:01 25/11/2012
I have my ways.
shadowstrike Ripto Gems: 199
#510 Posted: 11:26:41 01/12/2012
i registered when i was searching for skylanders unervers codes and i registered to get one then me and lucidity0001 became frends
i was actrly searching for anything to do with cyndes becous i love her i can admit that thats just who i am
Imada Green Sparx Gems: 488
#511 Posted: 19:52:35 11/12/2012
I just asked a question and it came up with DarkSpyro
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BOOM Yellow Sparx Gems: 1265
#512 Posted: 03:39:39 12/12/2012
i was searching a walk threw smilie (i didnt know how to spell i forgot) and i saw this was on it for a bit then i signed up
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sakurawing Green Sparx Gems: 160
#513 Posted: 05:41:07 12/12/2012
looking up info on molten hot dog and BOOM! dark spyro....heh
DummyZ Gold Sparx Gems: 2844
#514 Posted: 17:56:07 12/12/2012
The skylanders upgrades list came in handy after googling, thats how I became a sparx after being a fodder
Resonance_Gamer Green Sparx Gems: 292
#515 Posted: 20:38:30 20/12/2012
Got CD Images of the Insomniac Trilogy for my PSX. Completed last 2 100%, never played first one. Needed a walkthrough, and here I am.
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DustDragon4 Blue Sparx Gems: 731
#516 Posted: 11:32:02 22/12/2012
I have known several Spyro games, then I am a fan of him. Skylanders is also very famous in most of the world, then when I was looking for how is Skylanders, I get the game guide, and I do click, I get to here, to

It was also because some friends recommended me this page. Sadly my friends are not here, but if I decided to join this website.
DragonDog Ripto Gems: 1798
#517 Posted: 19:33:19 28/12/2012
I looked up spyro a Hero's tail glitch and a old forum on here popped up 4 days later I made a account and 2 days later I was here
dinorang67 Gold Sparx Gems: 2409
#518 Posted: 06:26:06 29/12/2012
I was looking for dragon generators cause i seem to have an addiction to flash makers. i saw the darkSpyro generator come up and then i was all like "ooh a new generator!" i went and noticed it was an entire site for all things spyro after i made my epic dragon and stalked the site as a Fodder for around 5 minutes. i noticed you could join and i made and account here!
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skylanders100 Green Sparx Gems: 388
#519 Posted: 11:41:53 29/12/2012
i was bored and kept ending up here trying to sign up and here i am
come join my beyblade metal fury role play
Skylanders fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3952
#520 Posted: 22:37:11 01/01/2013
I found it by looking up skylanders
Yep still around just not posting much anymore
SadVlad Green Sparx Gems: 200
#521 Posted: 07:26:02 02/01/2013
Ive been a die-hard Spyro fan since day one, having played, thoroughly beaten, and fallen love with every game in the But I found this site while looking for a reliable Skylanders news source.
RatchetJukes1 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1327
#522 Posted: 19:20:39 04/01/2013
I found the forum when trying to find a walkthrough for Enter the DragonFly but didn't register. I then recently found the site again when trying to find skylanders news as this is the ultimate place to go.
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jennacat4 Gold Sparx Gems: 2329
#523 Posted: 15:09:36 09/01/2013
I don't actually know if i've posted here... Whatever. Bonbonsalad showed me.
X-Treme Ripto Gems: 360
#524 Posted: 15:37:37 09/01/2013
I was searching for forums to hack....i came up here. (not really)
Iblistech Platinum Sparx Gems: 5099
#525 Posted: 07:48:12 05/02/2013
I was looking for a place where I could discuss the Skylanders series with other people, and I stumbled across this site. smilie
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KrisMasCool Green Sparx Gems: 130
#526 Posted: 21:24:56 06/02/2013
OK, finding stuff about Dark Spyro (the Skylander), then came up (by random) this site. I was a guest for a while, returned late 2012, to become a member. I typed in "Pokémon Skylanders" to get it up. Now, I'm a member (guest most of the time) and happy! I hope smilie gets into fame in the future! (maybe get an Oscar for "Best Website Based on Video Game Franchise"!)
Skylanders X Force or Pokémon Swap and Y? That's a weird crossover.
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fireofexile Blue Sparx Gems: 703
#527 Posted: 03:38:08 09/02/2013
Found out about it in wdrumz's YouTube video. You rock, wdrumz smilie (forgot his username on here)
skylandergiants Yellow Sparx Gems: 1020
#528 Posted: 12:10:23 10/02/2013
I typed in skylanders forums, was a guest for a while, but really wanted to get my point across about some things and joined smilie And, to this day, I still havent got my point across about a single thing smilie
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Madscience Red Sparx Gems: 39
#529 Posted: 20:20:00 17/02/2013
Quote: fireofexile
Found out about it in wdrumz's YouTube video. You rock, wdrumz smilie (forgot his username on here)
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VeronicaTheFox Ripto Gems: 22
#530 Posted: 18:12:56 26/02/2013
It all started in 1996, when Google was made. Seventeen years later, I searched "spyro forum" on Google. Lo and behold, here I am! smilie
X-Treme Ripto Gems: 360
#531 Posted: 18:48:04 26/02/2013
Quote: VeronicaTheFox
It all started in 1996, when Google was made. Seventeen years later, I searched "spyro forum" on Google. Lo and behold, here I am! smilie

wow. google did so much.....
CommanderGame Emerald Sparx Gems: 3610
#532 Posted: 21:24:20 26/02/2013
Quote: fireofexile
Found out about it in wdrumz's YouTube video. You rock, wdrumz smilie (forgot his username on here)

I believe it's dwattzdrummer
Hot Dog 542 Gold Sparx Gems: 2872
#533 Posted: 03:46:42 10/03/2013
I had been reading this website for ages but never thought of having an account. Then my bro suggested creating an account. So I did!
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DragonCamo Platinum Sparx Gems: 6666
#534 Posted: 03:52:07 10/03/2013
I was looking for skylander waves......
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Swap Force Fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4108
#535 Posted: 22:49:01 01/04/2013
I used a flashlight, they're really handy.
ThroneOfMalefor Platinum Sparx Gems: 5415
#536 Posted: 00:48:34 03/04/2013
I was playing Spyro 3 one day and I wanted to talk to other people about the classic Spyro games instead of being alone. Also, I randomly found a TLoS video featuring Malefor (I didn't know who the hell he was until I actually played the trilogy) and that pushed me to join with a name including "Malefor" because I thought it sounded cool. It is still a great name to me. smilie
Conquertron Red Sparx Gems: 99
#537 Posted: 14:55:26 05/04/2013
I tripped and fell on top of her, no wait that was my wife. I was looking for Ninjini's release date.
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HotDogAndZap Emerald Sparx Gems: 3531
#538 Posted: 00:59:55 13/04/2013
I was googleing images and all of the good ones seemed to be from darkSpyro, I later realized that this was the website google has as the first response when I asked why my Whirlwind was rattleing. Gotta love Google!
Fly Spyro Fly Green Sparx Gems: 446
#539 Posted: 01:28:30 13/04/2013
Activision support actually reccomended this site! Can u believe it??
Pop_Fizzle Red Sparx Gems: 14
#540 Posted: 20:15:53 22/04/2013
Every time I googled something about Skylanders, this site would come up. I read some things, and have been since some time last year. Finally I decided to join, and here I am!
SpyroDragonstar Green Sparx Gems: 196
#541 Posted: 21:42:54 24/04/2013
Joined when looking for Skylanders/Spyro stuff. Joined last year, but lost account name after being inactive and here I am.
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Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4524
#542 Posted: 12:17:43 30/05/2013
I think from a friend or something... i looked 2 years at this site and then a time ago i finally made an account
what even is this site anymore lmao
Spyroconvexity Hunter Gems: 8710
#543 Posted: 10:13:53 04/06/2013
I found this while looking for some images of Spyro for my website called Spyro Legends. I thought that DarkSpyro was cool and I joined.
DustDragon4 Blue Sparx Gems: 731
#544 Posted: 09:13:04 15/06/2013
The usual. Thanks to a great male friend, I met this website, although with my female friends, I'm the only one who like this, because for others is not very appealing this website. I hope it's true, and see that this site is worth knowing.
minecrafter Blue Sparx Gems: 852
#545 Posted: 19:06:53 16/06/2013
in 2011 i searched skylanders and there
BallisticBeats Yellow Sparx Gems: 1167
#546 Posted: 05:08:32 19/06/2013
My Spyro brosive(not brother) SpyroD was like, "Hey woncha join me in a few RPs? Some new one is about to open with a Spyro type dragon story." then I was like, "Yeah buddy." Though he's a Brony, I don't mind looking into some of da MLP ones. Do do doo, do do, doooo, do do... Hm oh right. Yeah so I is on here for SpyroD... Oo, speaking of which, "To da RPs!"
Well that just happened...
ArbiDragon292 Gold Sparx Gems: 2337
#547 Posted: 07:51:07 21/06/2013
Easy: my younger brother told me about this website, also I'm a fan of Spyro. Although, Skylanders is not bad, though, is very different, but do not say anything bad about it, it's just that I did not test their games and all that.

This site is great, and it is getting better. I hope to continue here for much longer, and meet more users from here.
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SoulfulWolf Platinum Sparx Gems: 5897
#548 Posted: 03:45:18 23/06/2013
I was searching for the Jade Flashwing and Scarlet Ninjini Release dates at the time. Figured I might as well join when I realized no one I know really likes Skylanders (or Spyro on that matter, aside one person.) I made an account to meet people and socialize more while getting more Skylander news. I'm still pretty shy though and I'm exploring still.
blutopazluver Blue Sparx Gems: 965
#549 Posted: 13:08:03 23/06/2013
I was stuck on a level in YOTD so I search for help on the internet and I found this sight. I've been coming here for a long time and decided to join. I did get through the level and actually completed the game. smilie
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