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See the Dark Master in the title screen [CLOSED]
Anonymous Fodder
#51 Posted: 13:21:13 10/07/2008
Glad you guys found it. Yes it is the Dark Master. To keep you guys busy are the horns pointing in or out? smilie
Anonymous Fodder
#52 Posted: 14:20:09 10/07/2008
* Explodes and die after that *

Anonymous Fodder
#53 Posted: 14:20:59 10/07/2008
I DIE, NOT ANONUMOUS!!!!!!!! smilie smiliesmiliesmiliesmilie


THIS IS BUG smiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmiliesmilie
Eternal Night Green Sparx Gems: 447
#54 Posted: 14:22:08 10/07/2008
smilie Sorry, I not registerd in, and I think it's bug smilie
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Cynder girl Blue Sparx Gems: 523
#55 Posted: 21:54:19 21/07/2008
i first saw it on youtube and decided to see for myself i was all close to the screen with the volume up and stood there waitin and watin and just when i was about to move the shadow appeared and scared the CRUD outta me smilie
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pie1 Blue Sparx Gems: 774
#56 Posted: 01:13:00 13/08/2008
i cant see it........( uncontrolibly sceaming ) oh now i see it!!!!!!!
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dark cynder13 Red Sparx Gems: 94
#57 Posted: 04:12:27 13/08/2008
i saw it too i wonder what he looks like when he is purple

not gold
not black

Cynder_543 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1277
#58 Posted: 04:14:29 16/12/2008
I've already seen it....
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Dark Cynder_27 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5661
#59 Posted: 10:02:36 16/12/2008
smilie me better have nother look oh and would it be cool if he also said "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA" that would be awesome cool I saw it I saw it smilie
dragonlover11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1672
#60 Posted: 22:42:44 16/12/2008
i had it for almost 2 years AND NEVER NOTICED IT!? wow lol
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Spyroboy Diamond Sparx Gems: 9324
#61 Posted: 05:38:13 27/12/2008
I's awesome smilie, but actually seeing him in person was even better
Fire Legend Gold Sparx Gems: 2608
#62 Posted: 22:11:27 27/12/2008
first time I saw it, I was like 0.0 I was petting my cat, and I think she saw it, because she ran and hid smilie
Duskwolf Red Sparx Gems: 29
#63 Posted: 14:58:59 18/04/2009
Ok I completely would never've noticed that.
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