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HeyitsHotDog Diamond Sparx Gems: 7946
#51 Posted: 22:51:05 20/03/2022
"Haha, making room for the food huh? Good idea!" Rex makes himself vomit as they head for the burger joint.


Dr. Peter Delling follows quickly behind Sexy Furry. "I'm with him!" He says aloud, hoping to get the same attention that Sexy Furry is. He pulls out his phone, opting to use "Google Pay" instead of a traditional card. He moves towards the cashier and simply says "burger", hoping to be just as charismatic as Chad, as Sexy Furry is now known as. The cashier looks Dr. Peter Delling's body and says "How bout you get a salad instead?"


Fists, excited by the idea, shows enthusiasm for this "wiping of". He has witnessed many atrocities on the site and wished for it to be truly gone one day and he saw it finally coming. "Yes! Let's do it! First, then....THE WORLD!!!"
Hey is there anything you want me to bring for the rest of the week and if so it’s so cool that you can do something and just do it like that
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