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has anyone had "the dream" recently?
Drednaw Blue Sparx Gems: 691
#1 Posted: 21:06:19 08/04/2021 | Topic Creator
last night i had a dream i went to target and bought skylanders. does anybody else get dreams like this? i know this kind of thing is common in the bionicle fandom so i was wondering if it was common here
skylandsfan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3675
#2 Posted: 01:32:06 09/04/2021
Man, I get that often. I've mainly noticed it in fall, when the games used to release
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malefor64 Blue Sparx Gems: 573
#3 Posted: 02:17:09 13/04/2021
i've been having it a lot lately. It's super weird
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3708
#4 Posted: 13:09:41 16/04/2021
yes, but its more like a nightmare and i am not getting to buy the skylanders i want.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#5 Posted: 17:29:32 17/04/2021
i stopped having them last year

kinda over this series and idk how to feel about that, theres nowhere in the community for me to go and my one real friend who likes this series that much hardly played and ive played this **** on my own for thousands of hours

i guess i forget what being in shops feels like anyway like... the dreams i have now are just in my home about my waifus ****ing me or complete fantasy nonsense or once in a while a ptsd nightmare
Lunar Yellow Sparx Gems: 1166
#6 Posted: 00:20:22 22/04/2021
i have the dream every few months or so where im at a k-mart buying a bunch of different toys to life or collectors figures. im usually disappointed when i look at my shelf in the morning and i dont have a crazy looking giant skylander or petey piranha amiibo or something
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G Hypernova Green Sparx Gems: 188
#7 Posted: 02:15:07 23/04/2021
Haven't had those in years... ;-;
Drednaw Blue Sparx Gems: 691
#8 Posted: 05:11:46 23/04/2021 | Topic Creator
it happened again last night. for some reason there was a lightcore chopscotch and mewtwo as a sensei
SlayerX11 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3488
#9 Posted: 05:49:14 02/06/2021
i dont have dreams, but sometimes when im on vacation and stop in say a walmart, i look for skylanders. Just for the heck of it. My 5 yr old is just learning that we have skylanders and wants to play. Im attempting to gate the game and toys for abit so he's not overwhelmed with all the figures at once
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1882
#10 Posted: 20:45:04 02/06/2021
oh i can big relate to the walmart thing.

sometimes i'll go into a store that used to sell skylanders with the vauge hope that they'll have more. but they never do, which isn't really that surprising.
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