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Your Final Opinion on SuperChargers
BatWolf Blue Sparx Gems: 517
#51 Posted: 19:06:11 13/08/2016
Superchargers was pretty much the worst skylanders game, waste of 50 euro. The cars in the normal story when you have to drive around while fighting enemies like it controls worse than a potato trying to get down a motorway. Also it seemed like they added more cars than skylanders and it seemed like when they were really high up and great when they made trap team it seems like they just plunged back down to the bottom with superchargers, imaginators looks like it will make up for superchargers though
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Akseyomiht Yellow Sparx Gems: 1494
#52 Posted: 01:35:10 14/08/2016
This game is "good", graphics are good, battle system is good, competitive racing is good almost as good as mario kart, plataforming is good, online co-op is good, path change for all skylanders is good, sky sections are good, I like the customizable hub is my favorite hub so far...

But land and sea section that are BORING, UNFORGIVABLE BORING just run in circles until your enemies decide to die and thats half of the game.

And boring is the worst a game can be.

Also arenas as a daily random challenge is a bad decision.
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soxbears2001 Green Sparx Gems: 334
#53 Posted: 12:53:18 27/12/2016
For me it was excellent my kids also could not drive so I handled that part but the driving controls in level were garbage. The moneybone boss battle was the only part of the game That had m almost quit Skylanders all together the rest was original and really fun IMO, The Titan level and the story book level were pretty great IMO..
ExcitonKnight Gold Sparx Gems: 2648
#54 Posted: 20:28:31 30/12/2016
Easily the worst in the series, I definitely should have skipped this one, although the Spell Punk Library was a pretty good level
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Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3154
#55 Posted: 07:25:10 04/01/2017
Its alot better than I expected it to be . I enjoyed it . I play APP and 3DS skylander games so hardware arguments aside , I wont label it the worst skylander game I ever played .

It felt a bit short but there is lots of extra content . Final boss fight was way too easy . I am quite rather annoyed that I could not make use of my magic items which has worked since SA . Same with trap crystals and battlepack toys . I would have liked just a little giant , Swopper and Trap Master zones . I liked the shrinking and becoming a titan levels . I enjoyed seeing Count Money Bone getting out of 3DS and into a console even if it was only a bit part . Oh yeah what the heck Persephone wearing ? Jedi Robes ? Finally we saw the cloud giant kingdom . Its about time .

The whole vehicle concept seems very out of place for skylands at least "present day skylands." If the story line was something like , the academy gets teleported into the future , and then they use futuristic vehicles over there would have been much better I think . That would have made the perfect excuse for why all your vehicles dont work in the next game .

Toy Review time .

My pet peeve is PS3 folk dont have access to Skymiibo,s , Donkey and Bouser . I can understand brand product and stuff but where is our PS3 unique skylander duo that Wii folk cannot access . This was so way unfair .

Super Charger Eon elite made more attractive with reposes and well a bit "cheaper" than buying a supercharger skylander and his vehicle . This seriously pricey but kudo,s to them . I could divorce myself from game unique accessories very easy until now . Buying skylander even a core is just more value for money .
I buy a skylander , I absolutely "need" to buy the vehicle now or vice versa . Does not matter that it wont be used in later games or thats its more expensive then a skylander .

I totally love that the golden oldie skylanders finally have a new skill set and some are actually part of the "special force" . What took em so long ?

2 legendary Jet Vacs ? Umm Why ? Is he really so unpopular ? Why not power blue Jet Vac ? If you have his vehicle you will be tickled to wanting him .

I am sorry they did not make any more mini,s . I like them alot .

I think giving pop fizz a horn and that horrid pose was the worst idea in the history in skylands .
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KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#56 Posted: 10:20:22 28/01/2017
Sure the vechile sections during the main story can be annoying , But others things can make up for that.The story it self is amazing and the best of the series and I like how every level had something to do with the story and not just filler levels to make the game longer.The levels themselves are diffrent and unique , although there weren't many fights and not that many enimes the levels were still fun and enjoyably...Probably some of the most memorable levels in the series !!!! If they replaced racing with fights or boss battles this game could of have been the best game in the series without a doubt. Now let's talk about the's crazy how unique and diffrent each charcert is we have a Speed Demon , a Lark , an Alien and so much more !!! The charcters were very well designed and unique and I loved their personalities especially splat , astroblast and nightfall. The developers even brought back some characters from the first three games and gave them new powers which is cool actually , some of the re-imagined charcters are better than their original counterparts like Gill Grunt , Terrafin , Roller Brawl , etc...And I was also excited when they announced the skymiibos...Although I don't have the game on a Nintendo system I still got donkey kong and his vechile. Overall this game is good , not the best in combat mostly because they were focusing on the racing aspect, but it's good and enjoyable.
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4514
#57 Posted: 12:16:03 26/03/2017
one thing that i wanted to add to my opinion was that the story starts out amazing but just craps over itself at one point, the death of Glumshanks was emotional as heck and one cutscene later he appearently was alive for some weird reason, from that moment on the storyline felt rushed in general.
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Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8611
#58 Posted: 13:19:55 26/03/2017
The order of the levels was changed around(Rideopocalypse changes placement a lot in development pictures), it's less rushed and more they cut the actual space to feel the emotional impact.
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Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#59 Posted: 02:01:09 09/11/2017
I feel people came into the game ready to smash it and it was never given enough of a chance. Change the gimmick, fix said complaints for the individual, and the results would mostly be the same. When people gripe that “driver” skylanders are all bipedal, there’s just no winning.

Random unlocks are the way to go. It gives more satisfaction during replay, and with characters trickling out over the year, you now are still getting rewards for your efforts. It also allows for personalized experiences.

It had the perfect balance of unlocking most of the content with minimal purchasing yet rewarded the completionists. This was made possible with going back to SA levels of product.

It proved they need to stop riding “gimmicks”. I felt the compromised SF characters and the compromised TT content should have taught this lesson. But I guess we needed a game that was half racing and half traditional skylanders to show most fans just want more Skylanders. It has one of the heavier amounts of content, but when it’s detractors say it has hardly any, that’s because they aren’t playing it. It’s inaccurate, but demonstrates the lack of pull

The game is beautiful. If you played it on a last gen system, that is the gamers fault. This is gaming. Once the next gen comes out, at some point games are going to be designed for them with a rough translation for the inferior ones. The Wii got this for SF and TT (which is the main factor if you like the look or not.) and PS360 and Wii U got that for Super Chargers. This is why it’s even more perplexing they tried to marry the game to Nintendo, when the graphics were optimized PS4 and Xbox One. Activision should have done everything they could to swing the players there if they had those systems. On that note, it’s somewhat Activision’s fault for pulling the players away from where the product looked the best.

I have mixed feelings on the reworked Skylanders. In general it is positive. Happy medium as to keeping the roster small and adding story points to the existing characters. I’m also happy there was dialog with each character in the game, legitimately giving each SC figure so individualized story development.

As they did in their last game, VV does something strictly better then TfB in maintaining balance. There are always going to be some that end up stronger and weaker, but the gap is noticeably smaller in SC. They also maintained the power level, not making the new characters stronger.

Overall Positive for me. The game is underrated. It’s not my personal favorite, but it far from deserves some of its criticism which boil down to general series rants and boredom.
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Hexin_Wishes Yellow Sparx Gems: 1522
#60 Posted: 12:16:41 21/03/2018
Horrible game. I finally finished it last week after having it since release. It’s just not a fun game at all. The fact we had to constantly have a vehicle on the portal really irritated me. The gimmick was poorly thought out, the story was irritiating, and the game just overall felt like it was never ending.
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4168
#61 Posted: 11:38:41 17/03/2020
i gave this game a lot of hate back when it was released, it was not what i wanted. but after i got the ps4 version and played it again, i have come to the conclusion its not that bad, its just a different skylander game. so years later i dont regret getting it, in fact i have come to like the game even more now. its strange how things can change years later.
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