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Ranking The Skylanders Games - Best to Worst
CelesteInk Blue Sparx Gems: 595
#51 Posted: 20:49:37 29/09/2015
@Ghune I'm really not trying to argue, I just want to point some things out. I may think Giants was the weak link in the series (and that's an understatement on how I feel) but we're all entitled to our opinions, as some think even Swap Force was the weak link, so whatever. But you listed Skystones as a positive... which was boring, slow, and sometimes forced you into playing it, which took the player out of the game. You then listed Trap Team's low content as a negative, and that makes sense, right? More content is good. So how does that take points off of Swap Force for having Score and Time attack modes? Unlike Giants with Skystones and that terrible lock picking minigame, you're not forced into playing Score and Time Attack (unless you want 100% achievements / Platinum trophy). You can dislike those modes, but the fact stands that nobody was forced into playing them, and they were there for those who did like them, such as myself. Having optional content is far better than either having no option content, or giving you content you're forced into playing.
Bifrost Diamond Sparx Gems: 8611
#52 Posted: 20:55:29 29/09/2015
Liking Skystones and Lockmaster Imp also differs from people to people,CelesteInk. I personally loved the Giants/TT3DS version compared to Smash, though Overdrive makes me think and it's fun; and same for Lockmaster Imp since I can't stand looking at the bolt/volt/whatever they are minigame in SF, and the Superchargers one is just to hum to the song.
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CelesteInk Blue Sparx Gems: 595
#53 Posted: 21:12:33 29/09/2015
@Bifrost You're right, it is just a matter of opinion. Some of us love Score and Time attack, and others love Skystones and the lock picking minigame, but regardless, Swap Force never made you play Score and Time attack modes. For those who hated those two modes, there's no reason to even care because you're not forced into it. For those of us who hated those two mentioned minigames in Giants... there was no way out, and we always got forced into playing them. I know Swap Force too forced you into playing the lock picking, but even if you didn't like it, they were so short, they ended before you were even taken out of that experience. My only issue with Swap Force's lock picking is it's a quest on every Tech character, and it can get exhausting trying to grind that.
juarmo Blue Sparx Gems: 749
#54 Posted: 22:56:44 29/09/2015
Quote: CelesteInk
But you listed Skystones as a positive... which was boring, slow, and sometimes forced you into playing it, which took the player out of the game.

Witch, you can insult Giants all you want, but when you insult ANYTHING from Final Fantasy, say, Triple Triad, well, there's only so much I can take! JUARMO LIMIT BREAK: TROLLING SANITY OBLITERATION CANNON!
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Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#55 Posted: 00:59:13 30/09/2015
Tallied the new votes up and here's the standings:

1) Swap Force
2) Giants
3) Superchargers
4) Spyro's Adventure
5) Trap Team
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Friendzie Blue Sparx Gems: 611
#56 Posted: 05:38:34 30/09/2015
1. Swap Force: Pretty much everything you could want was in this one. Lots of post-game arenas, challenges, and PVP. You didn't need to do heroic challenges on every Skylander anymore to make them useful.
2. Trap Team: I love the Kaos mode, especially how impossibly hard it can be on nightmare. It was the ultimate test of how good each Skylander was in a tight combat situation.
3. Superchargers: Good variety of gameplay, could be #1 if it had an arena mode.
4. Giants: Similar to SSA but I like the variable difficulty level, and it had Brock's arena. I don't like heroic challenges, it was not reasonable to grind them all on every Skylander, and it sucks that you need to own every figure to be fully powered. The speed boosts alone were so significant.
5. SSA: Nothing to do but grind story and heroic challenges post-game. Same complaint about the challenges.
Ghune Green Sparx Gems: 133
#57 Posted: 07:02:20 30/09/2015

In my opinion the score and time modes were somehow unnecessary. In giants the challenge was already in the campaign itself. Once you started a game in nightmare you could not change to a lower difficulty. Beating the levels on nightmare in a certain time without dying to get a 100% achievement was the same. There was no need to create 3 different ways to play the same campaign in swapforce. It just looked like more contet, but it was not.

In giants you could buy keys to skip lock picking and skystone mini games.
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lordgamermon Green Sparx Gems: 188
#58 Posted: 17:39:51 18/09/2016
Ok this is my personal order

Trap Team- Great level designs, fun and satisfying gimmick. Trap Masters are some of my favorite Skylanders to play as, especially Engima and Bushwhack, Had a cool "Monster of the Day" that made it feel like an anime. Also a beautiful soundtrack (I could listen the Skylanders Academy theme all day). Only down side is not being very collection friendly with gates only opening for Trap Masters and making it hard to get the Light and Dark expansions making it nearly impossible to complete the game 100%.

Superchargers- Biggest flaw is that it's short. Other than that it's WONDERFUL! Funny and entertaining cutscenes, beautiful looking environments, and l love the fact you only need to buy two additional vehicles to get everything in the game. Everything else you can get in game without having to buy anything else. Also bonus points for adding Donkey Kong and Bowser in the Wii U version.

Spyro's Adventure- this one has a little bias to it just because it's the first game but I still think even though it hasn't aged the best it's still a fairly enjoyable game. It has some very well-designed levels, some entertaining characters, fun heroic challenges, and just an overall fun experience. My only problem with it is that it hasn't aged very well. There's no jump button yet, the plot is very very simple, even by the series standards, and the game's hub world is so big, but it's so boring with nothing to do and then unlike the other games.

Swap Force- Not gonna lie, this one disappointed me. This isn't a bad game by any means, but it's very disappointing. I do love some of the new Skylanders in this game particularly Rattle Shake, Magna Charge, and Roller Brawl. It was the most collection friendly game allowing you to do most everything in the game without needing to buy any extra Skylanders if you already had an extensive collection from the previous two games. And the game had very funny cutscenes and introduce many funny new characters like Tessa and Kaos's mother. The biggest problem in my opinion with swap force is its gameplay. The biggest argument to this game that the levels are large and expansive. That's true, however the levels to me were boring with not much to do in them besides just being big. I also didn't like the fact that when you were swapping Swap Force Skylanders and one of the body parts got knocked out you can only use the top half of that Skylander and not the bottom half unless you restarted. I mean I guess it's my fault for playing on a harder difficulty but still it bugged me a lot. Not a bad game by any means, it's just disappointing, at least to me.

Giants- Giants to me personally bugs me a lot. In terms of its gameplay in areas it's actually better then Swap Force and it improves a lot from Spyro's Adventure. It had a much smaller Hub world, a better menu hub for managing your Skylander, and some of the characters were very fun. However it's all struck down by level design that's mostly boring, a non compelling story, still not adding a jump button, and in my opinion the biggest sin of all, forcing the player to buy series two versions of the same Skylanders you already have in order to unlock that Skylanders heroic challenge. It doesn't matter if you have the series 1 version and could easily use it. Also the fact that they are technically only 16 new Skylanders in that game. 8 giant Skylanders and 8 regular Skylanders. The rest of then we're just series two versions and LightCore versions. Not a bad game but definitely the worst of the series, at least in my opinion.
BoneGrunt Green Sparx Gems: 447
#59 Posted: 17:57:37 18/09/2016
1. Swap Force
2. Trap Team
3. Giants
4. SuperChargers
5. Spyro's Adventure

I don't dislike any of them, though, and have revisited all of them over the years.
mega spyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3838
#60 Posted: 18:17:39 18/09/2016
Cool 1 year bump.
Street50 Gold Sparx Gems: 2030
#61 Posted: 23:18:39 18/09/2016
from best to worst is the order in which they came.
Doesn't mean some didn't bring some Good advancements or skylanders in. But I think each one sorta took a step down. But a Major step down between Giants and Swap Force in my opinion.

1. SSA 8/10
2. SG 8/10
3. SSF 5/10
4. TT 5/10
5. SSC 2/10
JohnnySmasher42 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3054
#62 Posted: 23:55:37 18/09/2016
1. TT
2. SA
3. SG
4. SF
5. SC
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DarkPredator Gold Sparx Gems: 2267
#63 Posted: 00:15:12 19/09/2016
1. Giants
2. Trap Team
3. Spyro's Adventure
4. SWAP Force
5. SuperChargers (haven't even played past the second level and I can't stand all of the forced vehicle crap)
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Spyro Lover122 Gold Sparx Gems: 2023
#64 Posted: 13:22:35 19/09/2016
Well since this got bumped:

1. Giants
2. Trap Team
3. Spyro's Adventure
4. Swap Force
5. Imaginators
6. SuperChargers

From what we've seen so far, I'm probably going to have Imaginators listed before SF. I just realized my current list is the exact same as the above post.

Edit: Decided to add Imaginators.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#65 Posted: 02:28:08 20/09/2016
My ranking is still the same and my reasoning is mostly the same, except that I'd drop Superchargers to a 4/10 or 5/10 and place it at last, because a lot of the roster turned out to be disappointing and VoTA is the only level I can play from start to end without skipping any segments or quitting anymore. This game really hasn't aged well so far and whenever I did get a new Skylander or trophy or the like, I felt much more dread in expecting to grind for quests and repeat racetracks five times than I did excitement about getting to play something new or even getting a new toy. Even if they cut out the grinding or I decided to ignore it, then I still wouldn't like Superchargers anyway, but said grinding did sour my opinion on the game a lot and help me notice more of its problems since my last post on this topic.
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Kat-Kun Green Sparx Gems: 415
#66 Posted: 08:23:02 20/09/2016
1: Trap Team
2: Swap Force
3: SuperChargers
4: Giants
5: Spyro's Adventure
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Spellslamzer75 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1333
#67 Posted: 10:12:06 20/09/2016
1. Spyro's Adventure
2. SuperChargers
3. Trap Team
4. Swap Force
5. Giants
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AmiiboMaster Blue Sparx Gems: 804
#68 Posted: 17:10:33 05/10/2016
1. Trap Team
2. Swap Force
3. Spyro's Adventure
4. Giants
5. SuperChargers
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ladala Yellow Sparx Gems: 1899
#69 Posted: 18:14:34 05/10/2016
1. Superchargers - Gameplay-wise, it's tied with Swap Force, but the low price point makes it inch ahead. I love vehicle-based gameplay (even if I don't like vehicle aesthetics), much more than standard Skylanders combat. It's fun, unique, and really stands out from the rest of the games.

2. Swap Force - I nearly quit the series after Giants, but I decided to try Swap Force since it had a different developer. Did not regret it one bit. I loved it, and it brought back some of the nostalgia for the classic Spyro series. I loved the minigames (although really wished other appropriate characters could play them) and updates to the game engine. Combat was actually fun in this game, which TFB games don't achieve.

3. Spyro's Adventure - This game has life. Each playable character was unique and played differently (so long as you chose the right path), and the environment had secrets based around their abilities. You could cheese certain puzzles with the right character choices, and that was amazing. And of course, the characters all felt unique, with several magic moment phrases and most not speaking English. When I last played it, I found myself finding joy in switching characters on the fly, which I didn't in other games, because in SSA the magic moment is quick and the characters say different things each time, while in later games it's slow and clunky and they always say the exact same phrase.

4. Trap Team - I'm tempted to put this last because Traptanium Elemental Gates are ridiculous, but I did have quite a bit of fun with this game. The trapping mechanic was interesting, and I loved how much personality they villains had. I would often play with just Broccoli Guy in the portal whether I planned to use him or not because his commentary amused me. This game also had some of the cheapest characters, with the traps being really cheap and the minis being adorable and the price of a gimmicklander for two.

I did despise a lot about Trap Team though: the Traptanium Elemental Gates with no normal ones, the fact that there was barely anything in those gates, making it not even worth the investment, the fact that the Trap Masters were uninteresting in design (granted this is a complaint for all non-cores since I mainly like the dragons and other quadrupeds) so I didn't even want them, the relative glitchiness compared to other titles, and the combat being back to Giants quality rather than Swap Force quality. Because of this, this game really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

5. Giants - If this was a $10-20 DLC for SSA, I'd be all for it. As a full $60-70 game, it was incredibly boring. It added nothing new to SSA and in fact removed the more interesting bits. There were a couple of fun and interesting levels (Autogyro Adventure <3) but otherwise it was meh. Since what I liked about the original was its life and not its gameplay, and this game removed the life and kept the gameplay, I thought it was horrible and decided that I wouldn't get another Skylanders game after it, since they weren't fun. Yeah, I'm glad Swap Force came next (although my wallet and display case may not be).
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Wishblade Emerald Sparx Gems: 3238
#70 Posted: 03:31:31 06/10/2016
Funny how everyone's opinions differ.

1. Giants
2. Swap Force
3. Spyro's Adventures
4. Trap Team
5. Superchargers
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Halvmorke Emerald Sparx Gems: 3463
#71 Posted: 11:58:06 24/10/2016
1) Giants
2) SuperChargers
3) Spyro's Adventure
4) Trap Team
5) Swap Force
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#72 Posted: 14:37:46 24/10/2016
SF > SI > TT > SA > Giants >> SC
DarkPredator Gold Sparx Gems: 2267
#73 Posted: 03:08:42 24/12/2016
Adding Imaginators in (with some changed rankings):

-SWAP Force
-Trap Team
-Spyro's Adventure
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BOOMCAKE Blue Sparx Gems: 970
#74 Posted: 08:56:52 26/12/2016
3.Spyro's Adventure
4.Trap Team
5.Swap Force
TakeYourLemons Gold Sparx Gems: 2343
#75 Posted: 16:05:27 26/12/2016
Quote: Drawdler
SF > SI > TT > SA > Giants >> SC

I have the same ranking, although ironically I spent the most amount of time in Giants probably. For nostalgic reasons SA, Giants and SF are my all time best favorites, but technically / features wise TT and SI are kinda "the best of the rest". SC was graphically pleasing but the vehicle romp was uninspiring and brought me way down.
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4514
#76 Posted: 16:27:10 29/01/2017
1. Swap Force
2. Spyro's Adventure
3. Trap Team
4. Giants
5. SuperChargers
6. Imaginators.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#77 Posted: 17:45:06 29/01/2017
I'd switch SA and TT on my list now. I feel TT is aging a bit worse than I expected and, I think it's largely nostalgia, but I feel less compelled to replay it than SA.

I'd say SF > SI > SA > TT >> Giants >> SC.

Giants is just mediocre to me now, and I don't like playing it- whereas I always enjoy the top 4 when I DO boot them up, I never boot up Giants because it's so damn slow and just as outdated as SA- but it doesn't make me angry like SC. I just wouldn't choose to play it, but I also wouldn't want to skip it if I marathon the series again, unlike SC. ... Yeah my feeling towards SC is just a burning hatred hotter than the sun.
Dalton977622 Blue Sparx Gems: 804
#78 Posted: 19:09:05 29/01/2017
Mine would be this

1.Trap Team: Very enjoyable Bounty Hunter gimmick and a simple but great story. I like it from Gulper to Kaos. I actually collecting traps for 2 years. (Excluding the pesky unreleased Yawn Traps)
2.Spyro's Adventures: It's originality and nostalgia brought this game to second placed. The figures are very fun to play as in the future games. (It's ashamed it got MEGA-nerfed in Imaginators. Like most of the packs in World of Warcraft.)
3.Giants: The Gimmick has the best potential but like Imaginator, It's short. But I would say that this is very fun to go back to.
4.Imaginators: The Game is kinda short and the story freakin sucks. But the gimmick and the new Skylanders are absolutely amazing. Why don't they balanced it out. (If only this game is replay-able in the Switch Update)
5:Swap Force: Honestly, I first played it on the Wii then the Wii U and my Opinions are kind messy. But I would say that this is a very good game. the gimmick is quite unique and the Skylanders are all top notch. (Definately go back to it)
6:Superchargers: I really don't like the gimmick but the story has the best upgrade but some of the NPC Characters have overstayed it's welcome. The Vehicles and the Skylanders are definately great but I prefer playing the old style more.
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