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New Villain Broccoli Guy
sustainablspyro Yellow Sparx Gems: 1637
#51 Posted: 23:09:20 09/06/2014
Good looking villain, can't stand the name though.

Oh, hey. PAGE!
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Takadox360 Gold Sparx Gems: 2845
#52 Posted: 23:41:48 09/06/2014
What a mess....
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Eggers Yellow Sparx Gems: 1305
#53 Posted: 00:28:22 10/06/2014
Many shall weep at his molten hot liquid cheese rain or DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
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DragonDog Ripto Gems: 1798
#54 Posted: 02:59:34 10/06/2014
I love it!!!
He reminds me of a Power Puff Girls episode where broccoli aliens came to Townsville and the only way for the Power Puff Girls to stop them was to get all the kids to eat them. It was also to save their parents because they poisoned the broccoli and none of the kids had eaten it.
Cooltonium Blue Sparx Gems: 605
#55 Posted: 11:43:10 10/06/2014

I love this guy he's a floating broccoli smilie and his name is even better Broccoli Guy smilie
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Doomslicer Gold Sparx Gems: 2037
#56 Posted: 21:54:57 10/06/2014
Darn, turns out he's a healer.

He does have a funky 70s theme though! X3

(Source: )
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undeadmaster Gold Sparx Gems: 2117
#57 Posted: 14:35:05 11/06/2014
This might be old conversation, but, #1 Broccoli Guy is his official name, and #2 I like his name and I like his powers and looks too. Not saying I would want to date him if I wasn't a 10 year old boy ( nobody would ) but he is really cool and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so.
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FaboulousFab Yellow Sparx Gems: 1247
#58 Posted: 20:30:49 11/06/2014
Cr*p name, cr*p design, but useful healing power, rhaaaa what to do? What a dilemma smilie
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ExcitonKnight Gold Sparx Gems: 2691
#59 Posted: 17:37:03 13/06/2014
I really like his design and abilities, but the name sucks. Why not just name him Broccoli Mage?
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Thepokeman Blue Sparx Gems: 590
#60 Posted: 20:43:10 13/06/2014
In the skylander boy and girl video you can hear him talking through the portal saying "broccoli guy doesn't like the look of that" meaning he is probably dumb and he named himslef most likely but either way pretty funny.
breakfastpugbam Blue Sparx Gems: 973
#61 Posted: 10:03:42 15/06/2014
his name suckstho everyting else is beastly
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dwattzdrummer Gold Sparx Gems: 2413
#62 Posted: 18:47:49 15/06/2014
Here are videos of Broccoli Guy's gameplay!

wdrumz YouTube Channel:
nitendofan92 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4572
#63 Posted: 13:41:33 18/06/2014
The first time I read the name of brocoli guy. I tought it was a nickname by fan because his name was unconfirmed. But then when I saw it was is real name D:
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Doomslicer Gold Sparx Gems: 2037
#64 Posted: 17:54:05 18/06/2014
Still better than Rage Mage and Chill Bill, those are just cheap rhymes, Broccoli Guy isn't great but hey, if he had a better name we'd probably still be referring to him as "that broccoli guy" anyway XD
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xXBeavcoonXx Gold Sparx Gems: 2628
#65 Posted: 21:28:31 18/06/2014
Well it's safe to say that kids can now play with their food without getting in trouble.
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