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crush,gulp..... [CLOSED]
Tango Yellow Sparx Gems: 1954
#1 Posted: 17:10:26 29/03/2008 | Topic Creator
on the charactor guide book it says gulp and crush apper in this game but i haven't see them so were are they?
dark52 Spyro the Admin Gems: 10625
#2 Posted: 17:55:06 29/03/2008
No it doesn't.


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Tango Yellow Sparx Gems: 1954
#3 Posted: 16:05:45 03/04/2008 | Topic Creator
you changed it didn't you?
sparkz Green Sparx Gems: 342
#4 Posted: 15:30:34 12/04/2008
crush and gulp are in the one and only gateway to glimmer smilie
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Spyro_rules Emerald Sparx Gems: 3213
#5 Posted: 15:48:38 13/04/2008
They're also in SoF, ETD, and Spyro Orange.
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TrueSpyroFAN Yellow Sparx Gems: 1285
#6 Posted: 07:36:45 19/04/2008
^ Oh yeah!
Spyroboy Diamond Sparx Gems: 8378
#7 Posted: 04:36:50 25/04/2008
Quote: dark52
No it doesn't.



it happens
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