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Green Screen of Death [CLOSED]
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3009
#1 Posted: 07:05:21 10/11/2015 | Topic Creator
Does the game occasionally freeze and turn solid green for anyone else? This wasn't a problem for me before, but it's happened twice this week. Once in Boarding Party and another time in Chunky Chompies.

I've heard it's an error screen for when there are too many entities to process, but when it frozen in Chunky Chompies, it didn't seem like there was a lot on screen. There was some EXP, some Paramushrooms and the four giant Boomblossoms (it froze right at the end of the arena... Yeah... :().

Like I said, never happened on the 360, but happened to me twice now on the Wii U. I wish I could play the PS4 version, but I don't have that console.
Phoenix_Lord Gold Sparx Gems: 2061
#2 Posted: 03:22:02 11/11/2015
I have found this version of the game to lock up if a level is played to long.
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#3 Posted: 15:09:51 11/11/2015
Quote: Phoenix_Lord
I have found this version of the game to lock up if a level is played to long.

All versions of this game suffers from game freezes. I've seen it happen as well in SuperChargers, but usually when the clips start playing. It's vastly improved in SC.
fairyland Emerald Sparx Gems: 3800
#4 Posted: 15:50:17 24/11/2015
I've been playing SF all this week and it froze up on me only once. I didn't get a green screen just everything stopped. SF behaves a lot better than SC though, that game freezes up on me consistently and once burned out my attachment HD and I had to order a cheap old one off ebay to replace it. Now I save in three places just to be safe as I've lost Skylanders saves at least 3 times now over two years and had to import saves and reassign my ID into other peoples work just so I wouldn't have to start over again from scratch. So if you are freezing a lot, you may want to start saving onto a memory stick every few days just to be safe. You may want to save the game onto the hard dive too, as with SC it spins wildly trying to read the data. It's not as bad with SF but it's still there.
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